Young Kato – Drink, Dance, Play

Young Kato are a Bristol based band who write joyously assured pop tunes and are already causing a buzz about the place. They’ve got a bit of TDCC about them, especially on new tune ‘Drink, Dance, Play’, a song so enthused that it brings to mind pretty young things, frolicking in poppy strewn fields, in wispy dresses and flowery wellingtons boots.

The band have recently signed to Manchester label LAB and they’re working on their first eponymously named EP, due for release 23rd July. ‘Drink, Dance, Play’ is released on the 3rd June

Grab a free download of stadium bound track ‘Lights’ here and check the list of live dates for a gig near you:

June 2nd Cribbs Causeway Queens Diamond Jubilee Festival, Bristol
July 20th 2 Pigs, Cheltenham
July 21st Gloucester Park Festival, Gloucester
July 26th The Rainbow, Birmingham
July 27th Thekla, Bristol

Links and tings –

Young Kato Facebook

Young Kato Twitter




Age of Consent – Ghost Rider (Suicide Cover)

M.I.A sampled the riff from Suicide’s ‘Ghost Rider’ on ‘Born Free‘. I found that out today. I’m a bit slow. Age of Consent have done a great cover of the same track and it’s available here for ‘name your price download’.

Age of Consent – Ghost Rider

The Suicide cover is the B-side to Age of Consent’s second single ‘Heartbreak’, a melancholic love song, a dark hymn to loss.

You can pre-order ‘Heartbreak’ here. Release date 11th June

China Rats

The one thing better than finding out about a great new band, is finding a great new band with a box of tunes that all live up to the promise of the first one you heard.

China Rats are a four piece from Leeds and they sound like The Beatles, The Vaccines and Arctic Monkeys have been dropped in a blender, pouring forth as a refreshing 2012  pop smoothy. Their debut EP ‘To Be Like I’ was released April 30th and you can pick it up on their Bandcamp page.

China Rats – N.O.M.O.N.E.Y

Recent track ‘N.O.M.O.N.E.Y’ has been getting some  Radio 1 daytime airplay and it hits you in the ears like someone taking you out in their new sports car, attempting to reach 120 mph and brake again, before you reach the roundabout at the end of the road.This is the sort of thing we love.

Check them out and give them some likes on their Facebook page.


Whitey – Lost Summer

I remember hearing Whitey’s ‘Leave Them All Behind’ off his 2004 album The Light At The End of the Tunnel is a Train and having a whole week where I couldn’t listen to anything else. There’s a moment, at about 2 minutes 35 secs, when the tune kicks back in and you’re listening to electro rock (horrible name), or electroclash, before the term had even been invented. The whole album’s ace and I urge you to get it, if you haven’t already.

Moving on and Whitey’s got a new album out, available independently through his Bandcamp page. In his own words:

“After several months of terrible record deal offers, talking to tasteless arrogant A&R’s and knocking on closed doors, I have had enough. So I’m putting the new album on Bandcamp. No point keeping it to myself”

Get some