Adamski – I Like It EP

Live & Direct, Adamski’s classic 1989 album, was one of the first dance cassettes I bought. I remember hearing ‘The Bassline Changed My Life’ out one night and having a proper speedy moment. Next day it was off to Rainbow Records to pick the album up. It’s still in the box, in the shed, with a stack of mix tapes I haven’t got the facilities to play anymore.

After the success of Doctor Adamski’s Musical Pharmacy a year later, featuring ‘Killer’, ‘Space Jungle’ and ‘Future Freak’ his next couple of releases didn’t really catch my attention. It wasn’t until he released ‘Ape X’ a few years back, as Adam Sky, that I thought ‘fuckin’ hell he’s smashing the shit out of it again’.

Quick step forward and Adamski is back, with a new EP on Continental Records.I highly recommend the ATTAR! remix and you can grab the brilliant Blackjoy remix of ‘Wot Happened To You’ as a free download.

I Like It is out May 28th on Continental Records

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