Whitey – Lost Summer

I remember hearing Whitey’s ‘Leave Them All Behind’ off his 2004 album The Light At The End of the Tunnel is a Train and having a whole week where I couldn’t listen to anything else. There’s a moment, at about 2 minutes 35 secs, when the tune kicks back in and you’re listening to electro rock (horrible name), or electroclash, before the term had even been invented. The whole album’s ace and I urge you to get it, if you haven’t already.

Moving on and Whitey’s got a new album out, available independently through his Bandcamp page. In his own words:

“After several months of terrible record deal offers, talking to tasteless arrogant A&R’s and knocking on closed doors, I have had enough. So I’m putting the new album on Bandcamp. No point keeping it to myself”

Get some

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