ICOMPUTE May Mix 2012

ICOMPUTE popped up on my Twitter today and, as you do, I clicked on his Soundcloud page to have a listen.

ICOMPUTE – May Mix 2012

Resident DJ along with Tronik Youth at Dalston’s Wayving night, ICOMPUTE (or Glyn as his folks call him) says of his mix:

Hopefully this shows what my DJ style is all about: I dont see the point in filling a set with songs you, the listener and the most important person in a club (NOT THE DJ) wont remember/care about five minutes after listening. I like to mix songs that i know for a fact would consistently get me up dancing and continue to keep me up on the dancefloor all night. I spend hours, days, even weeks experimenting with my record collection to get the best combination of mixing two songs together…Giving an outcome of harmonious melodies, fascinating compliments between tracks and seamless switches from one track to another.

He also collaborates with Tronik Youth under the name Wayving. Have a listen to his remix of Tyson below and check out his Soundcloud HERE

Tyson – Die On The Dancefloor (Wayving Remix)


Rustie ft. Alunageorge – After Light

Scottish producer Rustie’s album Glass Swords was released on Warp last year and everyone seems to agree that it was a pretty exceptional piece of innovative electronica. Following on from the success of the album, there’s a number of vocal versions surfacing. Firstly we had an extended version of ‘Surph’ that was released back in April, featuring the voice of Rustie’s missus Nightwave and now AlunaGeorge have jumped on board, with a a great rendering of After Light. Stream below

Rustie ft. AlunaGeorge – After Light

Opportunity Knocks

Imagine, if you will, the scene. You’re a fairly new band from Leeds, who only put out your first EP a couple of months ago. You’ve been booked to play Spain’s Benicassim Festival, on the Villa Camp Stage, along with La Casa Del Árbol, a folky band from Argentina. Your performance goes well, so well in fact, that when Bat For Lashes can’t manage to get there in time for their performance, the festival organisers ask you if you could – you know – stand in for them. On the Trident Senses stage, just after Dave Clarke, Kurt Vile and Yuksek and just before mother flipping De La Soul. When Napoleon said ‘Ability is nothing without opportunity’, he was probably thinking about China Rats and their Spanish escapades. Or maybe Dave was right, when he said ‘how’s your fucking luck?’

To celebrate their triumphant display of chutspah , China Rats are giving away a free track, ‘Fly Solo’ which you can download below. Enjoy.

China Rats – Fly Solo