+Listen+ Night Engine – I’ll Make It Worth Your While

I love the ‘Huh!’ at the start of ‘I’ll Make It Worth Your While’. What a statement of intent. This is the first time I’ve heard Night Engine and straight away they’ve kicked in my door and they’re strutting around my front room in Bowie’s own boots. Marvellous.

Night Engine are Phil, Ed, Dom and Lee. They’ve been around since January this year, but the sound they make could have you believing they’ve been around since the mid 70’s, early 80’s.There’s a justified swagger to them that, if the music gods are good, will see them cast aloft and regaled as the saviours of stomp pop that they very surely are. Put it this way, if around the 1 minute 42 second mark of Treat Me Like A Baby your heart doesn’t soar, then you’ve been listening to too much Calvin Harris and you need to move on, son.

You can see them live here –

Thursday October 11th     –  Sound&Vision Norwich

Wednesday October 17th  -Sebright Arms, London  (www.musicglue.com/sebrightarms)

Sunday October 21st –  Swn Festival (Undertone)

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