+Listen+ Everything Everything – Kemosabe


Everything Everything never really caught my attention first time round, with the release of their debut album ‘Man Alive’. I don’t know why. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for them, maybe I wasn’t ready for them. Something about their staccato, art rock style got right on my tits. It made me feel like the musical equivalent of an anti intellectual student basher.

‘Cough Cough’, their last single, was ace though, still demonstrating the bands faculty for bending the structural rules of song writing, but with more tuneful results. This willingness to become more accessible (after all it’s great to be ‘critically acclaimed’, but you want to sell some records aswell), while still sounding original, is one of the reasons Everything Everything have won me over.

They’ve followed up brilliantly with new single ‘Kemosabe’, which possesses one of the choruses of the year and had me attempting a dangerous falsetto. It’s released on January 6th, with the album ‘Arc’ due out on the 14th of January. Stream ‘Kemosabe’ below

Everything Everything – Kemosabe

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