+Listen+ Bo Keeney – Don’t You Worry

This one has caused some consternation in the SS office. So much so that, in the end, we had to arm wrestle to decide if it went up or not. I won. No contest, to be honest.

                                               Bo Keeney – Don’t You Worry

When ‘Don’t You Worry’ first starts, you may think ‘so far, so…Jack Penante, or any other singer/songwriter you can think of’. But it’s not like that at all. This has got a couple of things up its sleeve to surprise you. How can I describe the experience?

Imagine a night out, starting off down the local. They’ve got a band on. They’re pretty good, singer can sing, guitars and that. Then its off down the street to a club, few banging tunes, top one, have a bit of a dance. Before you know it, it’s light outside, the birds are singing and you’re perched on the kerb side, waiting for a taxi that isn’t going to arrive. The only constant throughout is your mate, Bo, telling you not to worry about it. He’s getting the first round in at the pub, sorting you out in the club and now you’ve used his phone to ring for the none existent cab and you’re stealing his chips on the kerb.

This is pretty much ‘Don’t You Worry’ in a nutshell. For me anyway. Others may suggest he’s trying too hard to be all things to all men, but they’re the people that moan that everything sounds the same. This doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard recently and overall he carries it off really well. He’s 23, has a great voice and produces all of his own stuff, showing the potential and imagination to suggest great things to come. There’s an EP due out on the 9th December through Stranger Records and you can find out more about Bo himself over on his web site HERE. You’ll also find a couple of remixes from Breton and Skream/Magnetic Man collaborator Sam Frank, along with ‘Motivation’ another track from the EP

Check out the video to ‘Don’t You Worry’ down there

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