The Flight – Hangman EP

EP artwork

‘Pretty Polly’ is a murder ballad about a young women, lured into the woods by her lover where, maybe because she’s pregnant, she’s killed and buried in a shallow grave. In some versions the killer, a ships carpenter, takes to the sea and is haunted by the ghost of the girl, goes bonkers and kills himself. There’s numerous versions out there, by the likes of Bob Dylan and The Byrds, most of them a bit too folksy for our tastes.

The Flight, London producers Joe Henson and Alexis Smith, have taken the ballad of Polly and expanded it across a four track EP. First track ‘The Hangman’, due for release 10th March, begins the story, with its trip hop ( echoes of Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrops’) vibe, as the killer relates how he meets and woos the girl, with her ‘sweet kiss’, before jilted his perspective turns dark and deadly. ‘It’s funny how ugly they get, when they’re fixing to die’.

The Flight – The Hangman

You can also check out the suitably dark animated video for ‘The Hangman’ below


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