+Listen+ Garbage & Screaming Females – Because The Night

I’d like to say the first time I heard ‘Because The Night’ it was the Patti Smith version, on vinyl, sipping wine with my intellectual, hip friends. It wasn’t. It was a cover version by a metal band called Keel, on vinyl, me covered in spots, with shit hair. I remember it pretty much kicked my ass though and when I did finally hear the Patti Smith original it did the same thing for different reasons. It’s a great love song with heart,  co-written with The Boss Springsteen and this new version, featuring Garbage and Screaming Females rocks the fuck out of it, with some blistering geetar solos and two great vocals. It’s due to be released as a 10′ vinyl for Record Store Day.

On the subject of great covers (also with a heavy metal theme) have a listen to this wonderful cover of Metalicca’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by one time future Squeakysneaker wife, Lissie.

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