D’s Lounge – (broken) D.S.I.c.o Mix

ginger prince

Art by Samantha Grimes

We’ve been trying for ages to get Our Mate Dave to ‘do’ us a mix for the blog. Today we were emailed a link, along with a brief note. Something about ‘technically frustrating’ and ‘hours of my life’ . Perfectionism is a bitch, but the mix is worth the wait. Great stuff. Here we go then, with possibly a new feature on Squeakysneaker, but probably not. Ladies and gentleman –


Blue Steel (Still Going Remix) – Bot’Ox
Tightrope (Jimi Needles Grand Popo Edit) – Janelle Monae
The Wildstyle – Red Astaire
Dope on Plastic – Uptown
Breaking lies – Awkwoder
Talk To Me (Busy P Remix) – Hey Today!
Drive (Irregular Disco Workers Remix) – Tomorrow’s World
Ilium – Alex Metric & Mark Yardley
Swim/& Sleep (Like A Shark) (Lindstrom Remix) – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
The Draize Train – The Smiths
We do It Ft. BR ( Kolombo Remix) – HNQO
XTC (MMM Remix) – Boys Noize
Want Ya – Alex Metric
Here And Now (Cicada Vocal Mix) – Client
Soothe My Soul (Steve Angello & Jacques Lu Cont Remix) – Depeche Mode

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