*Download* Punks Jump Up Cruel Summer Mix


Track list for your pleasure:

Lancelot – Thinking Of You feat Whyte Fang (instrumental) (Nervous)
Labtracks – Short Circuit feat Villanova (Kiez Beats)
Sleaz – Beautiful feat Villanova (De Note Records)
Alejandro Paz – El House (Comeme)
Reflex – Together (Punks Jump Up remix) (Continental)
Kiwi – Llama (Deep Shit)
Remain & Populette – Discomfort (Meant)
Amine Edge – My Girl (Mr. Nice Guy)
Jobe – The Jam (Sleazy Deep)
Martijn Ten Velden – Shake Your (Papagaio Records)
Capracara & Latrece – Touch (Comeme)
Bashtone – Flirt Orange (Yaaman remix) (Kiez Beats)
WD2N – Get Up On Your Feet (Sex Panda)
Piemont – Panic Room (The Factoria)
S’Express – Hey Music Lover (??? remix)
Marco Darko – Feel This Way (Nasty Funk)
Aendo – So Bad feat ARomanceJunkie (Marco Darko remix) (Plano B)
Prins Thomas – Monte Baldo (Hell Yeah Recordings)

*Listen* Ellie Goulding – Burn (Maths Time Joy remix)

elliwYou may know that we’ve been a big fan of Ellie Goulding, from way back in the day, when she was hanging out with Starsmith. Obviously now (solely because of this blog) she’s huge, knocking (off) about with Skrillex and working with Greg Kurstin, Madeon and Burns on her repackaged version of Halcyon, called Halcyon Days.

If we’re honest, the original of ‘Burns’ is bloody horrible. An EDM beast and not in a good way. This remix though is really quite nice, restraining the over the top trance shenanigans, in favour of a more chilled approach, highlighting Ellie’s ace voice. Halcyon Days is out August 26th.

*Download* Jerry Bouthier – 100% JBAG Kitsune Soleil mix


No ‘Stupid Girl’ remix, Jerry?

JBAG ‘Mogadisco’
Kamp! ‘Cairo (JBAG remix)’
Housse de Racket ‘Château (JBAG remix)’
Reflex ‘Wavering (JBAG remix)’
Two Door Cinema Club ‘Next Year (JBAG remix)’
Arnaud Rebotini ‘Another Time, Another Place (JBAG remix)’
Shindu ‘happy House (JBAG remix)’
Fancy ‘69 (JBAG remix)’
Ladyhwake ‘My Delirium (JBAG remix)’
Jupiter ‘Starlighter (JBAG remix)’
Gigamesh ‘Your Body (JBAG remix)’
Punks Jump Up ‘Get Down (JBAG remix)’
RÜFÜS ‘This Summer (JBAG remix)’
Bunny Lake ‘Army Of Lovers (JBAG remix)’
JBAG ft Louise Prey ‘X-Ray Sex’

+Watch+ Martin Rossiter – No One Left To Blame

Apparently it has been former Gene frontman Martin Rossiter’s intention to get locked in a walk in freezer and make this video for fifteen years. I don’t really know how that works, how his mind works, or why it’s taken fifteen years, but it’s a very effective video. It has the same effect on me as the clip for Radiohead ‘No Surprises’, where Thom sings from inside a space mans helmet, as it fills with water. During the piano interludes, you can see Rossiter thinking ‘shit I wish I’d trimmed a minute off this section’ as the frostbite kicks in.