*Stream* Cut Chemist – Cuttin Class/Rare Equations

cut chemist

“This Was A Mix I Did While Cutting Class Back In 1995 And Will Be The First Release From My Studio’s Archive Series. This Mix Was Originally Released On Cassette As “Rare Equations” Through A Mix Tape Company Called Hip Hop Vibes Along With “Sick Experiment,” “Theories Not Yet Proven” And “The Diabolical” Which Came Before It. However This Mix Was My Favourite Because It Showcased Mixing All Kinds Of Music, Not Just The Latest Rap Singles Coming Out At The Time. So Sit Back And Check Out How Mix Tapes Were Done The Hard Way… On My Half Inch 8 Track Recorder (R.I.P.) And Listen To Some Cool Drops, Some Phone Taps, And Good Blends.
“It’s The Livin’ Roughness.”

D’s Lounge – The Black Ghosts – Anyway You Choose (Fake Blood remix)


I think around 2008 there was an internet hunt to find out who Fake Blood was. Loads of names were thrown about and for a time it did seem to totally compel anyone that gave half a fuck. It was Theo Keating, if you hadn’t heard. He was releasing some great work around ’08, under the FB moniker with remixes of Little Boots, The Kills and, as it transpired his own band The Black Ghosts. I’m not sure if he was the only one sneaking his name into his remixes, but he certainly did it the best.

The Black Ghosts – ‘Anyway You Choose To Get It‘ (Fake Blood remix) MP3