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D’s Lounge – The Black Ghosts – Anyway You Choose (Fake Blood remix)


I think around 2008 there was an internet hunt to find out who Fake Blood was. Loads of names were thrown about and for a time it did seem to totally compel anyone that gave half a fuck. It was Theo Keating, if you hadn’t heard. He was releasing some great work around ’08, under the FB moniker with remixes of Little Boots, The Kills and, as it transpired his own band The Black Ghosts. I’m not sure if he was the only one sneaking his name into his remixes, but he certainly did it the best.

The Black Ghosts – ‘Anyway You Choose To Get It‘ (Fake Blood remix) MP3

D’s Lounge – (broken) D.S.I.c.o Mix

ginger prince

Art by Samantha Grimes

We’ve been trying for ages to get Our Mate Dave to ‘do’ us a mix for the blog. Today we were emailed a link, along with a brief note. Something about ‘technically frustrating’ and ‘hours of my life’ . Perfectionism is a bitch, but the mix is worth the wait. Great stuff. Here we go then, with possibly a new feature on Squeakysneaker, but probably not. Ladies and gentleman –


Blue Steel (Still Going Remix) – Bot’Ox
Tightrope (Jimi Needles Grand Popo Edit) – Janelle Monae
The Wildstyle – Red Astaire
Dope on Plastic – Uptown
Breaking lies – Awkwoder
Talk To Me (Busy P Remix) – Hey Today!
Drive (Irregular Disco Workers Remix) – Tomorrow’s World
Ilium – Alex Metric & Mark Yardley
Swim/& Sleep (Like A Shark) (Lindstrom Remix) – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
The Draize Train – The Smiths
We do It Ft. BR ( Kolombo Remix) – HNQO
XTC (MMM Remix) – Boys Noize
Want Ya – Alex Metric
Here And Now (Cicada Vocal Mix) – Client
Soothe My Soul (Steve Angello & Jacques Lu Cont Remix) – Depeche Mode

D’s Lounge

Haven’t re-visited D’s Lounge for a while, but heard this earlier and it all came flooding back again. One of the things I love about music is the way it will signpost memories, leading you back to a particular time and place, like, err,  quantum sat nav…or something.

This one takes me back to being very messy, but also very happy. Everything and everyone in its right place. Or the right place, as it were

Tom Vek – Nothing But Green Lights (Digitalism Remix) MP3

D’s Lounge

Thirteen Senses released the album ‘The Invitation’ in 2004. There were a few singles off it, three of which reached the top 40. They got a bit of airplay, appeared on Popworld, but they were never going to set the world alight, with their Embrace (y) kind of style. I bought the album off the back of the single ‘Thru The Glass’ and it was nice enough, but nice doesn’t make you keep playing it. It ended up in the CD box and when it did find its way out a while back ‘Thru The Glass’ was the one track that wouldn’t play, due to a big scratch on the disc. Them’s the breaks.

‘Into The Fire’ was another track that stood out for me, rolled in piano, peppered with guitar. It’s been on pretty much every TV program known to man,  from ER to Match of the Day (even Master Chef.) You’ve probably heard it, even if it is subliminally.

What you may not have heard is the Cicada remix. Googling around earlier and the only place you can find it is on those dodgy MP3 sites, where you end up with ringtones on your phone you don’t remember wanting (or ordering). Might just be me…

Cicada do a wonderful job. They drag it stamping and whining onto the dance floor, incorporating and juicing up the guitar, while the piano adds a touch of house flavour. Overall, it’s a euphoric transformation of what is bascically a Coldplay/Embrace song. See also Thin White Dukes remix of Coldplay’s ‘Talk’

Thirteen Senses – Into The Fire (Cicada Remix)

Dee’s Lounge

Of all the clubs and nights I’ve attended, my favourite has to be the nights we spent in D’s Lounge, in Birmingham.

It was a small, neatly laid out room with a very select clientel. The best thing about it for me, apart from a very lax dress code (shades and several hats anyone?) and a lazzez faire attitude to drugs, was the music that was played. You’d get everything in there, old skool, rock, indie, funky beats and kick ass electro. Everybody wanted to be the DJ and everyone was. It was the sort of place where you’d start drinking on Saturday evening and before you knew it, you were outside smoking a fag and it was Sunday morning.

It’s closed down now, moved its operation up North, but a lot of the music on my hard drive still harks back to that time. The music I post on this blog is stuff I would have played at Dee’s. Here’s just a couple of tunes that recall fun nights and godawful mornings.

Whitey – Wrap It Up

Similou – All This Love (Young Punx Club Mix)

Also check out the Shinichi Osawa mix on ClashMusic