Run Riot

We’re glad to welcome an old friend to the new blog. Run Riot’s been busy on the remix front and we’ve got one of his latest here. Starting slowly it builds into lovely Prodigy-esque breaks, then cuts loose, leaving you battered and bruised and in need of a Jagermeister

Nursery Of Naughtiness – ‘No1 Suspects (Run Riot Remix)’

With remixes to come for Subsource, Lynx and Lea Luna it’s going to be a good 2010 for Tom and Run Riot. Check out the remix previews here.

The Nursery Of Naughtiness remix is out now on Beatport

Driving Me Mad

I drove home from Manchester the other weekend, after about three hours sleep (a prelude to which was getting locked in a porch). A journey that should have taken a little under two hours took close to three and half and at some point I got lost in the no mans land that is the Cheshire/Shropshire border. There’s one place where you pass in to Shropshire, from Cheshire, and then five minutes later, and for no reason that makes sense, you’re welcomed back into Cheshire. Now in my fragile state this totally fucked with my mind, to such an extent that I had to stop the car and smoke a shaky ciggy, while I tried to figure out what had just happened. Had I turned round without realising? Was I driving back the way I’d just come? I could hardly stand, as lack of sleep and an ominous hangover kicked my head about. Finally I got back in the car, fumbled in my plastic supply bag and pulled out the first CD that came to hand. I’ll call that CD Salvation (though it wasn’t, it was the Chems ‘Exit Planet Dust) and this track Saving Grace (it isn’t, it’s ‘In Dust We Trust‘). About an hour later I arrived home, tried to eat something, then fell asleep. Happy Days Indeed.

Liking this –

Zoot Woman – ‘Just A Friend (Some A La Mode remix)’ (via La Friendly)

White Rose Movement

White Rose Movement are a bit like Robbie Keane, in that they’ll pop up occassionally, deliver some pure class, then disappear completely and turn up at Celtic, or something.

But have no fear, we’re not the Fat Spanish Waiter, if they keep delivering, we’ll play them. Their new tune ‘Helsinki’ is another Depeche Mode(y?) affair, full of distortion, with an incessant underlying beat that gets in your head

Can’t figure out how to embed the Rcrd Lbl widget, so here’s the link to the page where you can stream it

Bunny Lake

Bunny Lake Is Missing is a 1965 thriller by Otto Preminger, which is a bit laboured and survives in the world of Cult, that strange place where shit stuff goes until it ages and is rediscovered by students, reappraised and declared briliant.

Don’t be fooled – it isn’t.

Bunny Lake on the other hand are from Austria and consist of the acely named Suzy On The Rocks, Christian Fuchs (snigger) and the bouncer from the pub down the road.

Produced by Christopher Just they’ve got two albums under the belt with number three due out around 24th March.

Bunny Lake – Disco Demons (Christopher Just version)

From Ibiza To The Norfolk Broads