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+Watch+ Arnaud Rebotini – Pagan Dance Move

Featuring the Wicker Man, Vikings, Death, death metal bands, pagan idolatry, cats and dogs and of course Oliver Reed, here are the new visuals for Rebotini’s ‘Pagan Dance Move’, taken from the EP of the same name. It’s available to buy now on Zone Music HERE.

Grab the free download of another EP track ‘Their Synthetic Majesties Request’ remixed by David Carretta and Workerpoor.

Arnaud Rebotini – Their Synthetic Majesties Request (David Carretta & Workerpoor remix)

Hey Today! – 83

’83’ is Hey Today’s third single on Kitsune and it’s brilliant, with a bass line that jams itself in your head and stays there. The single comes with remixes from Toomy Disco and a lovely acid laced rework from Zongamin. There’s also another original track ‘Guru Guro’ that cleverly  samples an elephant falling over and features the sharpest bell effect you’ll hear this side of the Alps. ’83  is released on April 23rd. Have a listen to the minimix below.

Hey Today! – 83 Minimix

You can also grab a Hey Today! DJ mix from last month here,  featuring his ace remix of Blackstrobes ‘Italian Fireflies’, that I should have posted ages ago, but forgot…

Blackstrobe  – Italian Fireflies (Hey Today! Remix)


Blackstrobe ‘Italian Fireflies’ Re-Issue

Blackstrobe are set to re-issue their 2004 electro favourite ‘Italian Fireflies’ on March 5th, with a new selection of remixes to spice things up. Among the contributors are Hey Today, Second Date and this ace rework from Reflex.

The reissue coincides with the release of a new album later in the year, apparently without original member Ivan Smagghe and they will be dropping a greatest hits retrospective sometime soon.

Arnaud Rebotini – Another Time, Another Place (The Subs Remix)

This remix from The Subs really isn’t what I was expecting. Ninety percent of the time, a remix from the Belgian electro meisters will give you a crafty dig in the guts, then remorselessly hammer your head into the ground. Not so with this rework of Rebotini’s ‘Another Time, Another Place’, which is subtle beyond belief, but no less ace for their lighter touch. Starting at a shuffle, then gradually building, a little acid bubbling, you’re waiting for the cacophony, the massive drop into craziness that never arrives, but you really won’t mind.

Rebotini – Another Time, Another Place (The Subs Remix)

The EP ‘Another Time, Another Place’ is out on November 7th

Turzi Electronic Experience – Connaissance (Blackstrobe Remix)

Here’s a really nice remix from Blackstrobe of France’s Turzi Electronic Experience. ‘Connaissance’ is the first track off TEE’s Education album and the remix starts off with heavy Kraftwerk influences, before morphing into a harder, hypnotic techno beast.

Turzi Electronic Experience – Connaissance (Blackstrobe Remix)

Word on the Blackstrobe grapevine is that there will be a new EP out in December, with Rebotini releasing his own EP ‘Another Time, Another Place’ on 7th November. You can hear ‘Another Time, Another Place’ here.

For now we can make do with this massive hour long mix from Blackstrobe. Downloadable Mastery

Blackstrobe – September 2011 Me, Myself , My Friends and the Youth Mix


Blackstrobe Records Launch

Let’s be honest here, I wouldn’t willingly pick a fight with Arnaud Rebotini. He has the look of a man who would rip you limb from limb, in the blink of an eye. Looks can be deceptive though, as they say, and though I’ve never met the producing legend, I’m sure he’s a bloody nice chap.

I digress…

Rebotini, of Blackstrobe fame, has gone and launched his own label, Blackstrobe Records. For me, a big fan of Blackstrobe since I was a small boy, this is very exciting news. Also buzzin’ me up is the prospect of a re-released Italian Fireflies, with accompanying package of remixes, a new Blackstrobe EP, a solo Arnaud Rebotini album and a best of Blackstrobe release, which will span thirteen years of electronic fun and games.

Blackstrobe Records are also promising to nurture and develop the next generation of French producers, so keep an eye open and check out the Blackstrobe site here. They’re giving away a free track right now, so get your ass over there and submit to their ‘give us your email’ wiles.