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This post is dedicated to Christopher Hammerling, whose comment in the Run Riot Soundcloud player, amongst the ‘Phats’ and ‘Niceeee’s is merely – ‘Tits’. Fantastic

This for me is one  of the best remixes Tom has produced, this far, with a cracking groove chasing down a punchin’ beat. The mark of a man getting properly in the swing.

Get it here

Really looking forward to the Audio Bully’s remix that he’s got in the works


Now I realise that the Internet is a dangerous place, full of paedophiles and con men, but for me the biggest problem we have with it is stupid people.. Let me explain. A new ‘scam’ hit the news recently that reinforced my belief that some people really shouldn’t be left in a room by themselves. The ‘scam’ (I’m loathe to even use the term) involves someone phoning you up, claiming to be from Microsoft. They tell you that you have a problem with your Internet connection and they want to help you to fix it. After they run you through a step by step guide on how to repair your problem they inform you that you have a nasty virus and that they’re going to have to take your credit card details in order to fix it. So far so ‘you fucking what?’ So you give them your card details, because you don’t want that nasty virus on your PC. But then, and this is the cunning bit, the Microsoft people on the phone have access to your computer, because they’ve changed all your settings! Really, this is brilliant and I love it. It’s also true. People have fallen for it!

What next? Someone phones you up saying they’re researching the pattern in the number of your credit card, the expiry date and your date of birth? Believe me someone out there will fall for it.

TDCC aren’t dumb. They’ve chosen an ace location for their next video. How does this work? Do the record company come up with locations, or do they ask the artist where they fancy filming it al la Factory and New Orders Carribean recording sessions?

Another un-stupid thing is the new EP from Les Petit Pilous. Bielle EP is out now on Beatport and it’s naughty. Go get it

Les Petit Pilous – Russian Forest (Original Mix)

Also check out Compare My Radio. It’s only got a few stations on there at the moment, but the idea is you can find out what airplay a particular song is getting at the moment (check out Status Quo’s air time). It also highlights just how shit Radio One is recently (what do I mean recently?), with Mumford & Son riding high in the play charts, followed by the obligatory R&B balls. Compare the variety offered by Radio 6, which they plan to shut down and the paltry 26% variety on offer at Radio 1

Just a final note to finish on. Titus Andronicus have a new album out now and if you like your Pogues, Bowery, drunken brawl, falling out of a taxi pissed sort of thing, this is for you.

Titus Andronicus  – A More Perfect Union

Last, but definately not least, is the new remix from Run Riot, or Prolific Tom as I’ve begun to call him. Does the man ever sleep??

Get it here!

Run Riot

We’re glad to welcome an old friend to the new blog. Run Riot’s been busy on the remix front and we’ve got one of his latest here. Starting slowly it builds into lovely Prodigy-esque breaks, then cuts loose, leaving you battered and bruised and in need of a Jagermeister

Nursery Of Naughtiness – ‘No1 Suspects (Run Riot Remix)’

With remixes to come for Subsource, Lynx and Lea Luna it’s going to be a good 2010 for Tom and Run Riot. Check out the remix previews here.

The Nursery Of Naughtiness remix is out now on Beatport