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They’re forecasting a heat wave for the end of the week, an Indian summer if you will, so here’s a couple of tracks to celebrate. It’s been suggested that I take the blog more seriously and though I strongly suspect that’s impossible, I can but give it a go. So, think of this as the beginning of a more serious Squeaky Sneaker…cough, right then…

I was totally obsessed with this video a couple of months ago and Lana Del Rey with her Bardot looks is a very intriguing proposition. What a voice.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Club Cliques For The Bad Girls remix)

Great new remix from Fear of Tigers who takes the Ronika track “Only Only’ and transforms it from a run of the mill 80’s pastiche into basically a Petshop Boys tune.

Ronika – Only Only (Fear of Tigers Remix)

This Mr Miyagi remix of Cicada ‘The Things You Say’ has been around a little while, so I’m a bit late on it. There is a lovely drop at about 2.43, that if this was vinyl, would be scratched to hell now, from me playing it again and again.

Cicada  – The Things You Say (Mr Miyagi Remix)