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Art by Swoon

Went to see the docs yesterday, hoping to rid myself of the annoying chest infection I’ve had since Spring. We had a chat, I told him my symptoms, he found out I smoked and his eyes glazed over. A bit like I’d just told him I was regularly fucking his wife.

Tai – Steroid (Modek Remix)

Anyway he told me that if I wanted to shift this bronchial infection I was going to have to give up the fags. I knew this anyway, it wasn’t really a revelation, but I got told once that ‘you can only really give up if you want to’ and that’s been the sticking point. I like smoking cigarettes.

Le Marchand de Sable – Acid Lake (John Lord Fonda Edit)

We went through methods of quitting, patches, gum etc and he told me that there were ‘trigger points’, when I would find myself wanting a ciggy more than I did at other times. He gave me examples, after a meal, at moments of stress, whilst drinking coffee, tea, beer, pretty much any kind of drink, after sex (he didn’t mention this one really), driving, walking, sitting down – he mentioned lots of occasions when I was going to struggle, but I sort of drifted off after a while, to be honest. One important example he failed to list was the over powering urge to smoke when I listen to certain dance tunes. I don’t know what it is about these tracks, maybe it’s a memory trigger of smoky nights out, but as soon as they kick in I get a very strong urge to light up.

Zach Matari – The New (Live City Remix)

I’ve smoked three writing this post. All the tracks featured are ‘smoking’ tunes (not in a 60’s hipster kind of way) and as such they should carry some sort of health warning. If I was writing DJ style blurb for a promo it would simply say ‘Made me smoke two cigarettes 9/10’. NB – you don’t have to actually smoke to enjoy the music. It’s a filthy habit, early grave, better if you never start etc

Vakkuum – Sonar (The Sneekers Remix)

Mustard Pimp – Catastrophe Mixtape Series Vol 10

I haven’t enjoyed a mix so much, since I used to load my i-pod with mixes by Erol Alkan, 2manydjs, Don Rimini, Chew Fu and Kissy Sell Out and spend 10 hours a day being a completely unsocial twat. Absolute class, drenched in pure acid wonderment to start before escalating into crazy bassy house. And there’s another nine in the series!

You can get Mustard Pimps new single ‘City Kids’ featuring Dirtyphonics now on Dim Mak. Have a listen

Mustard Pimp.feat Dirtyphonics – City Kids


Mustard Pimp – No Title Or Purpose

Was feeling a bit knackered tonight and didn’t fancy blogging owt. This all changed when I listened to Mustard Pimp’s debut album ‘No Title Or Purpose’. Suddenly I’m re-invigorated. In fact I’m prancing around the floor like a hopped up child. Every track on here would inflict some serious damage if played in a very dark room with very big speakers.

Blurb –

After years of experimentation deep in their underground production bunker, Mustard Pimp emerges with their highly anticipated first full length album – No Title Or Purpose.
This genre smashing effort, plays like the script of Dr. Frankenstein, reforming the best parts of electronic, big beat, rock n roll, acid, drum & bass, hip hop and even surf into a musical monster the likes of which has never been seen.
With sonic co-creators like Jimmy Urine, Alec Empire, Dirtyphonics, Chali2na, Blatta & Inesha, Zé, and Puppetmastaz, this is one monster that can’t be stopped. Forget what you know about electronic music, Mustard Pimp’s “No Title Or Purpose” is gonna eat your brain.

Pre-order now. Out on Dim Mak October 25th

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