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+Download+ Dombrance – The Witch minimix

dombranceWe featured Dombrance’s ‘The Witch’ the other day and now it’s getting an official release on Kitsune (nothing to do with us, apparently). As is the norm with artists that excite, we’ve done bit of digging on the Bordeaux singer/songwriter/producer/remixer and we discover that, rather than this being his first sojourn into music, he’s been around since 2001, when he provided the music for French artist CharlElie’s ‘S’aimer Si’. In 2004 his tune ‘Messy’ featured on the Urban Action Up compliation, on FNU records, before he released his own album ‘Dombrance’ in 2005. There’s been mixing and producing credits on Rock & Roll’s album ‘First Class Plane’ and DJ Chloe’s chilled out ‘The Waiting Room’, before he whittled twenty four songs down to two, ‘The Witch’ and ‘Donna’ for inclusion on Kitsune’s own compilations. We wait with baited breath to see what’s next, but ‘The Witch’ is already firmly entrenched in the 2013 Squeakysneaker playlist.

The EP features remixes from David Shaw And The Beat, Aswefall, The Access and Enola and is due for release on Kitsune March 11th. You can download the EP minimix below.

Dombrance – The Witch EP

+Watch+ Dombrance – The Witch & Donna


Don’t know a whole lot about Dombrance, apart from he’s French, a producer and a ‘dark horse’. He’s also got two tunes out on separate Kitsune compilations, which is what drew me to him in the first place.

First track ‘The Witch’ is included on Gildas’s new collection Kitsune Club Night #3 and features vocals by Parisians Sourya. It’s got a very Hot Chip feel to it and the fella with the black face in the video is, I believe, Dombrance.

Secondly we have Les Rhythm Digitales sampling ‘Donna’ which makes an appearance on the third instalment of Kitsune Parisien. The video weirdly features the entire catalogue of my dance moves. Check ’em.