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“A riot is the language of the unheard.”

A whole lot of shit going on at the moment, with some angry, disaffected people doing lots of damage to other peoples property. Politicians talking tough about stuff they have no comprehension of, people dying, buildings burning and underlying sociological problems that need to be addressed getting buried under divisive rhetoric and ill judged opinions.

Fuck it, lets have some music…

An eclectic characteristically mad mix from SebastiAn HERE

Banging hour long mix from Tai (but man, it ain’t Autumn!)

Autumn Mix by TAI

And my favourite remix of the minute from Alex Metric, which you can buy with your filthy capitalist dollar (other currencies are available)

Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Alex Metric Remix)


Too Many Videos?

Sorry, about the mass of videos recently, but there’s a lot of good videos around at the moment.

Justice – Civilization

…I have no clue what this video is about. I do know that it’s directed by Edouard Salier and that the Civlization EP will be released on June 6th and will feature remixes from Mr Oizo and The Fucking Champs

Is Tropical – The Greeks

The Megaforce video for Is Tropical is ace and it’s the video Megaforce have wanted to make since ‘the age of 6’. It’s certainly something I’ve never seen before. Good job, Megaforce!

The launch parties for the album ‘Native to’ are :

Point Ephémère, Paris on 8th June – buy your tickets here

XOYO, London with Yuksek, Jupiter and Icona Pop on 17th June – buy your tickets here

{Video} SebastiAn – Embody

I wasn’t writing a blog when the electro gods were roaming the land, around 2005-07-ish. I can’t imagine what it was like to be posting early Justice, Soulwax, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize and the like, when they were emerging, creating, the scene. I was reading blogs like Headphonesex back then and I still envy them the sheer volume of great music they got to post. With some of the recent stuff that’s been coming out, it almost feels like those halcyon days are returning

SebastiAn was always the dark side of the Ed Banger Force, throwing out monstorous remixes , killer tracks like Ross Ross Ross, Walkman and Smoking Kills and sometimes straight up weird electronica. He’s finally got an album out in May, on the 30th, and the EP Embody is out on April 4th

Uffie & Pharrell

There’s always been a lot of love for Uffie here at SS. Admittedly not all music related. Back in 2006 she was all over the blogs, with ‘Hot Chick’ and ‘Pop The Glock’, partying with the Ed Banger crew, looking sexy as fuck, with very few clothes on. Sometimes in the bath.

Then she sort of dropped off the radar. Ke$sha emerged, blatantly borrowing a lot of Uffie’s styles (especially vocally) and the guys at Ed Banger must have gone – ‘Haven’t we got one of those?’ ‘Yeah, where did we put the Uff?’ ‘Feadz, have you taken the Uffie out of the box?’

So last year we had the official release of ‘Pop The Glock’, with ‘MCs Can Kiss’ out this year. Third time lucky, I suppose and so now we’ve got ‘ADD SUV’ with Pharrell, which is the most commercial sounding Uffie track I’ve heard. If this one doesn’t give Ke$sha a kick in the groin, or the new album doesn’t make a mark, then it may well be back in the box for Uff. Hope not

Also listen out for Examples new one, ‘Kickstart’ produced by Sub Focus.