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Got a mighty case of the winter blues at the moment. Roll on the spring.

Couple of tunes that are worth a post though, brighten the gloom. First is Chase & Status ‘Hitz’ featuring Tinie Tempah. This has got a properly old school feel to it. Scratchin’

Hitz will be featured on the upcoming Chase & Status album No More Idols

Chase & Status feat Tinie Tempah ‘Hitz’

Next up Tommie Sunshine and Figure remix Britneys new tune ‘Hold It Against Me’. Been following Figure and Mr Sunshine’s work for a while now and singularly they’re pretty good, but together they’re like Scorcese and De Niro. This is going to smash up a few dance floors. It’s already smashed up my front room and I don’t even mind!

B.ritney S.pears ‘Hold It Against Me (Tommie Sunshine and Figure Edit)

Jerry Wants To Be A Rocket

Happy Birthday to me!

Held a party at SS mansions at the weekend. Family and friends, good food, lottsa booze and a fine time had by all. My HD was pissing about and making me nervous about what I was going to play, music wise. I’d made a twelve hour mix on I-Tunes, but I wasn’t convinced that the hard drive was going to last out, so after searching around for alternatives I stumbled on Spotify.

How good is Spotify? It’s like having everyone’s record collection at your finger tips. The thing with going to someones house and messing with their music library, is that it’s usually immediately clear that their collection is finite. There’s always something you want to hear that they haven’t got. It can be really frustrating and may even mean I have to leave altogether, never to return or contact that person again.

Spotify is of course finite, but it’s still vast. 8 million tunes at the last count. Even I’ll find what I want with that amount of tunes arrayed before me. I spent a day going on a musical voyage. My life in music, as it were. Here’s a couple I found –

NOTE – EMI are one of the stupid record company’s that don’t realise that music videos are PROMOTIONAL tools and that disabling embed really just defeats the object. I hope you die, EMI.

The Inspirals were always a bit of a novelty band to me, but I’d forgotten what a great tune this was.

Love Primal Scream and this was one of their best for me. It was also one tune I hadn’t thought about for an age. Til I was Spotified.

Right enough reminiscing. Here’s a couple of more up to date tunes that I’m feeling at the moment. Why isn’t Theophilus London bigger than he is? He’s ace.

Another absolute killer from Figure, who is just the right side of bass for my tastes. Anymore and he’s going wobble and we don’t want that,

Figure – Dirty Damage

Figure – The Death of Joshua EP

Sometimes music is very visual. As you’re listening to it, it conjures up pictures in your head, takes you to another place.

With ‘Death of Joshua’ from Figure I’m on a rattling rollercoaster, at the bottom of a shaking ascent, rising impossibly, hearing the bolts and rails straining beneath rusting wheels. You reach the summit at about .57 secs, then it’s off down into a baseline descent, flinging you about and pummeling the sense out of you.

I love rollercoasters.

I’m sure this isn’t what Figure had in mind. I’m sure it was more about creating a monster drop to send dance floors nuts, but you know, musics all subjective. The EP out on We Are Live Records is dead good and you can get it here, here and here


The Subs are my second favourite Belgians. You can grab their latest mix below. Monster monster

The Subs – Vomit In Style DJ Set

MMM – Donna
The Subs – Vomit In Style -Les Petits Pilous Remix
Carte blanche – Gare Du Nord
Paul Chambers – Yeah Techno – Soulwax Remix
Partyharders VS The Subs – The Pope Of Dope shouts: “Je Suis Le Diable”
The Subs – Bang Bang Bang – Dub Mix
The Bloody Beetroots feat. Refused – New Noise (The Subs Can I Scream Edit)
Djedjotronic – Pepper
Shinichi Osawa – Bring Back That Noise feat. The Subs
Hey Today! – Talk To Me
The Subs – Vomit In Style Remixes Medley:
(In order of appearance)
-VNNR Remix
-Don Rimini Chi Town Remix
-Mixhel Remix
-Original Mix
Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
Teki Latex – Dinausaurs With Guns (beats for Michael)
L-Vis 1990 – Compass
Proxy – Vibrate – Sound Of Stereo Remix
Green Velvet – Fake & Phoney
The Subs – Naked Jack
Partyharders VS The Subs – The Pope Of Dope shouts: “Je Suis Le Diable” again
Tres Demented – Demented (Or Just Crazy)