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Back In The Room…

Samuel Johnson said ‘When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life’. Well, I haven’t tired of London ( haven’t been for ages, how could I?), but I sometimes tire of the Internet. Insidious beast that it can be, making your brain and eyes hurt. It’s like the TV adverts for Bing, too much information (on the subject of Bing ads, aren’t the couple in those adverts the most irritating couple of wankers ever. Horrible, snide tossers), making you whoop like a howler monkey. With my obsession for new tunes I have to spend a lot of time trawling t’web and sometimes I just get sick of it. Everything sounds the same, the blogs all look the same and everything is similarily rubbish. The last week or so I’ve backed off it, got a life, enjoyed the sun and have at the vegetable patch.

Back now, so lets get the quest started once again. What we got?

Run Riots got a new tune out. ‘Everybody Needs A Bassline2’ is an acid drenched stomper guaranteed to get the slowest crowd bouncing like a bunch of crazy mother fuckers. Get it on Beatport now. If you like this I recommend you look up Run Riots Charge EP for more of the same.

Continuing in a similar vein, Herve has donned his Action Man guise for a nice mix of FBS ‘Machines Can Do The Work’.

FatBoy Slim – Machines Can Do The Work (Action Man Acid Mix)

Picked up the JEFF the Brotherhood album Heavy Days the other day. Highly recommended. Shambolic jams, indeed. Think early Weezer and you’re in the right room of the house

JEFF the Brotherhood – Bone Jam

Dance hall killer from Benny Benassi to finish off. Featuring Kelis on voice. There’s some nice remixes of this around, but I’m sticking with the original. Huge tune

Benny Benassi feat Kelis – Spaceship

With the World Cup kicking off in a few days time, I’d just like to say –


In Other News…

I put forward a proposition, that Manchester and Brooklyn should be made musical twin towns. Manchester may not share Brooklyns skyline, but most of the music I listen to these days seems to originate from one or other of these places.

Brahms are a case in point. Hailing from Brooklyn New York, they produce cool electro pop, with the downbeat sound of Depeche Mode. Have a listen, see what you think.  (spot the Hot Chip ‘homage’ in Toward The Ghost)

Brahms – Toward The Ghost

Brahms – Brought It Up

Herve needs no introduction here, so just get your lobes around his new one, remixed by hot new Italian kids on the block Reset!

Herve – Blaze It (Reset! Remix)

Check the 80’s vibes on Luxury Livings ‘Kimberley’.There’s probably a name for the ‘hand clap’ drum that features through out this tune, the PSB used to use it a load. If you know what it is, let me know. It’s got me feeling all nostalgic.

Luxury Living- Kimberley

Sorry for the shit Brahms picture joke – it seemed funny at the time