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One of the greatest, truly life affirming things for me is that moment in a club when they drop the big bomb track and the whole place goes mental. You can be wobbling your ass along quite happily to hours of tunes, pretty much oblivious to anyone around you, then some track will come in and next thing complete strangers are hugging, jumping in the air together and hi fiving like they’ve known each other since they popped out of the womb.

LMFAO ‘Party Rock Anthem’ wasn’t one of those tunes, I’ve got to admit. It’s the song I hear on the radio and think it’s Black Eyed Peas. I quite like the poolside chorus, but the rest of it is faux radio fodder. I’m sure there are people that could get off like a bastard to it, but not me.

Anyway – Tommie Sunshine and Vande & Gross get their hands on it and they tweek it here and there, they heavy up that bass, sprinkle some hands in the air house dust over it and suddenly it’s a whole different beast. Now, at about 3.27 to 3.55, we’ve  got ourselves A MOMENT. You’ve got lazers going off, the dry ice is choking you and that fella next to you with the saucer eyes and sweat soaked tee is your best friend for life. Good time party music of the highest order.

LMFAO – Party Anthem (Tommie Sunshine & Vande & Gross Edit) MP3


Cracking remix of Hurts ‘ Better Than Love’ from Burns has popped up. Hurts have been locked away in the room called Midly Disapointed since I heard the album, but Burns has reinvigorated this, one of their better tracks. I think I wanna dance now…

The Dizziness of Freedom

Did you ever get the urge to jump from a high building? I don’t mean suicide, I mean that feeling you get, when you’re standing on the edge of a cliff or on the lip of a high building, when it crosses your mind to throw yourself off. I have it quite a lot. Along with the urge to drive my car into a wall, or take my hands off the wheel whilst driving high speed on the motorway.

Søren Kierkegaard spoke about it in his Concept of Anxiety, refering to it as our ‘dizziness of freedom’. The realisation that we were free to do whatever we want, makes us anxious and at the same time gives us a true incite into our potential. You could jump, it’s very much within your control, but in most cases you won’t. Mainly you’ll walk away from the edge, or grip the wheel of the car a little tighter and think ‘what the fuck was that about?’

Now you know

Apropos of nothing.

It’s a busy time of year at SS Garden Centre. Everything I’ve been fighting to keep alive since spring is coming to fruition and now it’s a struggle to pick it all, before it dies. One line that keeps popping into my head, while I’m dragging another plastic bag of peas into the house (two hours, from plant to freezer, for one Morrisons bag of peas!) is from the Doors, ‘where’s the new wine, dieing on the vine?’ It gives me an incentive, when I’m knackered after work, to lumber up the garden and pick what needs picking. I also find myself  reciting harvest festival songs from schoool. In my head, obviously. It would be bad enough if you could hear me cursing the flies that buzz my head while I’m working (will you fuck off, you horrible little bastard!!), let alone have me droning out random songs of thanksgiving aswell

Shit load of peas

Not that I’m moaning. It’s what we moved here to do – grab a bit of the country life, grow your own. I can honestly say that growing my own stuff is the only thing I’ve ever done where I haven’t, at some point, gone ‘Man, that’s shit. You’ve done that wrong’. You can’t really beat yourself up over it, because apart from breeding and hunting things in woods, it’s one of the oldest, most necessary things we can do. This stuff has been going on for millenia and I’m coming into it late. Good fun though, recommend it. When ‘they’ say that your own produce tastes better, it’s true.

It’s been a real struggle to find anything I want to post today. Not much about and the veg is screaming to be picked. These two have been on the I-pod though. Well worth a listen.

Fenech Soler – Stop And Stare – MP3

Hurts – Wonderful Life (Freemasons Remix)

Not forgetting this ace mix from Erol ‘I’m a little like God’ Alkan

Hurts – Wonderful Life (Mantronix Remix)

Believe me when I say that I don’t get excited about things very often. It some times worrys me how unexcited I can be. Maybe there’s something wrong with me? Perhaps life and countless disappointments has made me cynical and even a bunch of wild naked chicks, clutching bags of money, sweets and booze would only elicit a pessimistic raised eyebrow. Maybe I’m numb…

Hurts and Mantronix. Two names that are guaranteed to make even my cold bitter heart beat a little quicker. Put them together and you’ve pretty much got a reaction you wouldn’t welcome while wearing tight shorts in a busy street, full of short people.

Hurts – Wonderful Life (Mantronix Fucking Remix)MP3

Hurts – Better Than Love

Well here we are then, Hurts are a go, let’s see what happens now. I’ve got to admit, when I saw the teaser for this I was thinking that it was all a bit pretentious, but really it’s just class. Reminds me of Once Upon A Time In America. Hurts are a finely crafted package and that’s going to annoy some people. They’re going to get called pretentious and arty (solely because they don’t smile a lot and don’t get busted snorting Meiow), and it’s going to be a big shock if they turn up on a chat show one night dressed in a sweater and ripped jeans. The noir association they’re adopting, suits, laquered hair, may weigh down on them in the future, but I haven’t seen anything like them, stylistically since the 80’s. They remind me of the Pet Shop Boys. That’s a good thing. At the end of the day, whatever you think of the band, if you like your pop immaculate then you’ve gotta love the music.

Hurts – Better Than Love

We’ve been stalking Hurts a little since we heard about them last year, hungrily grabbing up and posting everything they release. They’re quite a mysterious bunch, their Myspace doesn’t give you a lot to go on. What is glaringly obvious is that they deserve to be very large indeed. Have a listen to their new single above. It may not be on the Tube for long…

Better Than Love is due to be released in May. The album will be out in August

Quote Of The Day (Or Thursday, As It Happens)

“if Scouting For Girls are, indeed, Number One this weekend then there is certainly a lot of demand for their distinctive brand of pop. Mind you there’s a lot of demand for cement, but you wouldn’t want to watch it at a festival.”

Thanks to PopJustice