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*Download* Jerry Bouthier – 100% JBAG Kitsune Soleil mix


No ‘Stupid Girl’ remix, Jerry?

JBAG ‘Mogadisco’
Kamp! ‘Cairo (JBAG remix)’
Housse de Racket ‘Château (JBAG remix)’
Reflex ‘Wavering (JBAG remix)’
Two Door Cinema Club ‘Next Year (JBAG remix)’
Arnaud Rebotini ‘Another Time, Another Place (JBAG remix)’
Shindu ‘happy House (JBAG remix)’
Fancy ‘69 (JBAG remix)’
Ladyhwake ‘My Delirium (JBAG remix)’
Jupiter ‘Starlighter (JBAG remix)’
Gigamesh ‘Your Body (JBAG remix)’
Punks Jump Up ‘Get Down (JBAG remix)’
RÜFÜS ‘This Summer (JBAG remix)’
Bunny Lake ‘Army Of Lovers (JBAG remix)’
JBAG ft Louise Prey ‘X-Ray Sex’

+Download+ Shindu – Just Go (Jerry Bouthier Dub Edit)

Jerry Bouthier offers up a free download of Belgian duo Shindu’s new tune ‘Just Go’, released on 5th November, through Bouthier’s own Continental Records. Get it HERE

Shindu – Just Go (Jerry Bouthier Dub Edit)

The EP itself is good enough, even if the original mix is a touch uninspiring. Bouthier’s own dub version only loses by a really small nose to the excellent remix from Canada’s Cyclist.

Kitsune Maison 14



When I received the email announcing Kitsune Maison 14, my first thought was ‘shit, did I feature KM13?’. After scanning through my archives, I was relieved to discover that a) My memory isn’t as scrambled as I assume, there hadn’t been a Kitsune 13 and b) it appears that even ultra cool Kitsune suffer from superstition.

This is a special issue compilation as it celebrates 10 years since Gildas and Masaya Kuroki founded Kitsune, back in 2002. That’s a decade of almost peerless excellence, with maybe only Modular coming close to their hit per shot ratio. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Kitsune, I wouldn’t have much to blog! Have a listen and download Jerry Bouthiers mini mix below and be sure to buy the landmark compilation when it’s released on October 15th.

Kitsune Maison 14 Jerry Bouthier Minimix


1. Saint Lou Lou – “Maybe You”
2. Rebecca Molina – “Fall Right”
3. Citizens! – “True Romance” (Gigamesh remix)
4. Friends – “I’m His Girl” (Jake Bullit remix)
5. Plastic Plates – “Things I Didn’t Know I Loved” (feat Simon Lord)
6. Lorenz Rhode – “Any Kind Of Pressure” (feat Jamie Lidell – radio edit)
7. Is Tropical – “Venezuela” (feat Get People)
8. Two Door Cinema Club – “Sun” (Gildas Kitsune Club Night short remix)
9. Peter & The Magician – “Memory” (Le Crayon remix)
10. Monde Ideal – “Future Waits”
11. Thomas Azier – “Red Eyes” (Mike Luke remix)
12. Saint Michel – “Friends” (JBAG remix)
13. Moonlight Matters – “Come For Me” (feat Gustaph – Punks Jump Up freestyle mix)
14. Rufus – “This Summer”
15. Wildcat! Wildcat! – “Please And Thank You”
16. Plaitum – “Geisha”


RÜFÜS – This Summer/Selena (Remixes)

Rufus are a three piece from Sydney Oz, who create a dreamy melodic indie electronica, perfect for those sun drenched days that you may well get in Australia, but sure as crap don’t get in the UK this year.

They hit the blogs early last year with their eponymous EP and since then have had their track ‘Talk To Me’ featured on Kitsune Soliel Mix, supported Van She, Royskopp and Yuksek on tour and they’re due to start work on a debut album, for release 2013.

Continental records are releasing a remix pack of the bands recent tracks ‘This Summer’ and ‘Selena’, featuring reworks by JBAG, Softwar, Parachute Youth and others. You can grab the Rufus remix of ‘This Summer’ as a free download.

Rufus – This Summer/Selena Remixes

‘This Summer/Selena’ Remixes is available on 16th July