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Too Many Videos?

Sorry, about the mass of videos recently, but there’s a lot of good videos around at the moment.

Justice – Civilization

…I have no clue what this video is about. I do know that it’s directed by Edouard Salier and that the Civlization EP will be released on June 6th and will feature remixes from Mr Oizo and The Fucking Champs

Is Tropical – The Greeks

The Megaforce video for Is Tropical is ace and it’s the video Megaforce have wanted to make since ‘the age of 6’. It’s certainly something I’ve never seen before. Good job, Megaforce!

The launch parties for the album ‘Native to’ are :

Point Ephémère, Paris on 8th June – buy your tickets here

XOYO, London with Yuksek, Jupiter and Icona Pop on 17th June – buy your tickets here


Ahead of the release of their debut album, Native To, on June 13th Is Tropical are letting go a free download of lead single ‘The Greeks’ and a gratis remix download of it from Moonlight Matters. The remix funks up the original nicely, with some proper swing your pants geetar, ebbing into the ‘Give it away’ vocal before chopping the bouzouki section into a frantic Vanessa Mae-esque string solo. Lovely rework, get it below.

Is Tropical – The Greeks ( Moonlight Matters Remix)

The band have also commissioned Megaforce to direct the video for the single. Watch the teaser and keep your eyes open for the full video, coming soon. It’s sure to be a visual treat/mad as a bandicoot.

Is Tropical have also confirmed dates in the UK and Europe for the next couple of months –

May 21 – Laval, France – Les 3 Elephants

May 26 – Sheffield, UK – Bungalows and Bears

May 27 – Cardiff, UK – Cardiff Arts Institute

May 28 -Bristol, UK – Dot To Dot Festival

May 29 -Nottingham, UK – Dot To Dot Festival 

May 30 -Manchester, UK – Dot To Dot Festival 

June 08 – Paris, France – Point éphémère

June 17 – London, UK – XOYO – Album Launch

June 28 – Ravenna, Italy – Hana Bi

June 29 – Roma, Italy – La Bibliotechina

June 30 – Ancona, Italy – Mole Vanvitelliana

{Video} Goose – Can’t Stop Me Now

Production room somewhere. Megaforce and Goose are sitting round a table and Megaforce are about to pitch a new video idea.

Megaforce – So, right the guy’s climbing up a rock face, with some other guys, ok? And he falls, tired. The other guys take off and when the guy looks up they’ve gone. He carries on climbing and then hands smash out of the rock face and try to grab him…

Goose – Right, so these hands, whose are they?

Megaforce – …they belong to the eye.

Goose – The eye?

Megaforce – He smashes it with a rock.

Goose – Smashes the eye with a rock? Why?

Megaforce – It explodes (simulates explosion with hands). And then the hands that have been holding the guy back help him climb the rest of the way up the rock face.

Goose -…cool. Good…How does it end? Whats at the top of the rock face?

Megaforce – The clip ends with the guy…floating, amongst the brooding clouds…

Goose – …?

Megaforce – Did I mention that we shoot arrows at the guy and that the eye, right, it turns into a mouth?

Goose…the songs going to carry this, isn’t it?

Megaforce – It is the song! Can’t stop…him now. Yeah?

Goose – It’s a metaphor then?

Megaforce – (pleased) Voila!

Disclaimer: Squeaky Sneaker weren’t present at the meeting and know that it might not have gone off exactly like this