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Art by Swoon

Went to see the docs yesterday, hoping to rid myself of the annoying chest infection I’ve had since Spring. We had a chat, I told him my symptoms, he found out I smoked and his eyes glazed over. A bit like I’d just told him I was regularly fucking his wife.

Tai – Steroid (Modek Remix)

Anyway he told me that if I wanted to shift this bronchial infection I was going to have to give up the fags. I knew this anyway, it wasn’t really a revelation, but I got told once that ‘you can only really give up if you want to’ and that’s been the sticking point. I like smoking cigarettes.

Le Marchand de Sable – Acid Lake (John Lord Fonda Edit)

We went through methods of quitting, patches, gum etc and he told me that there were ‘trigger points’, when I would find myself wanting a ciggy more than I did at other times. He gave me examples, after a meal, at moments of stress, whilst drinking coffee, tea, beer, pretty much any kind of drink, after sex (he didn’t mention this one really), driving, walking, sitting down – he mentioned lots of occasions when I was going to struggle, but I sort of drifted off after a while, to be honest. One important example he failed to list was the over powering urge to smoke when I listen to certain dance tunes. I don’t know what it is about these tracks, maybe it’s a memory trigger of smoky nights out, but as soon as they kick in I get a very strong urge to light up.

Zach Matari – The New (Live City Remix)

I’ve smoked three writing this post. All the tracks featured are ‘smoking’ tunes (not in a 60’s hipster kind of way) and as such they should carry some sort of health warning. If I was writing DJ style blurb for a promo it would simply say ‘Made me smoke two cigarettes 9/10’. NB – you don’t have to actually smoke to enjoy the music. It’s a filthy habit, early grave, better if you never start etc

Vakkuum – Sonar (The Sneekers Remix)

Modek – The Family EP

I haven’t posted a lot of bangers on here recently, mainly because I’ve just not found anything banger-ish that has floated my boat enough to post. This new one from Modek, on Lektroluv Records though is brilliant, so I was compelled. Lead tune, Donny, is the one to watch here, with its rolling, driving acid bass line. It’s out on September 10th.

Modek – Family EP