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Jamie’s Getting Porky

Art by Ron English

Just a quick catch up with what’s going on in the SS enclosure as I laze about, on this piss wet Sunday afternoon. I’ve just got back from a potato fair and if you’ve never been to one (I’m guessing you haven’t) then, to be honest, you’re not missing a whole lot. Apart from lots of spuds and a mass of people who have an unusual obsession with them. My interest is fleeting, in that I grow and eat them, but I do admire enthusiasm, so I can’t help but love the whole funny, obscure crowd.

To the music.

Cosmic Kids – Reginalds Groove

Reginald’s Groove is a low key house affair, that would sound great at a pool party. Just as the sun goes down and things start to warm up a bit. The LA based duo will be releasing this as a debut on April 4th, through Throne of Blood, including remixes from Classixx and Juan Maclean.

It’s no secret that Squeaky Sneaker loves The Subs. They consistently release storming electro bombs that have me dancing round like an electrocuted scarecrow. I can’t think of one of their remixes or tracks that hasn’t been a stone killer. So you can imagine how excited I am to feature the first single off their upcoming album Decontrol, due for release on the 7th March. They’ve welded the whole single package together into a very palatable minimix, featuring, in order, remixes from Gtronic, Clouds, Style Of Eye, Ado’s Scratch And Snuff Mix, Ado’s NORP Mix, Tai and the Parametic Remix.

The Subs – The Face of the Planet Minimix

Finishing off this holy Sunday trinity is a cracking new remix from Run Riot. Here he reworks Dem Slackers ‘Swagger’ into a bass heavy juggernaut, smashing through the gloom to light up a dreary old day.

Dem Slackers – Swagger (Run Riot Remix)

If you’ve got a minute to spare, get over to Breakspoll and vote Tom Run Riot as best new producer.