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I Don’t Like Cricket…

…that’s it, I really don’t like cricket.

Kitsune 9 is on its way, as you could probably tell from the cut and paste posts on numerous blogs recently. The Kitsune Maison series has been consistantly brilliant, inspiring and forward looking. Their eye for a good tune is unsurpassed, as far as I can tell. Look back at the artists that have either featured on the nine compilations or have released tunes on the French label and you’re looking at the best in electronic/indie music in the last eight years. If you don’t believe me, check out the list here. Pretty much everyone on it is still relevant to me and this blog now.

So who off the new compilation is doing it for me. Well, as you’re asking…

Jamaica – are Antoine Hilaire and Florent Lyonett from France. They used to be Poney Poney, who were also pretty great, and some of their tunes are now Jamaica’s tunes (but different, apparently). Produced by Xavier de Rosnay from Justice their first album is due out soon. Their first single off it is ‘I Think I like U 2’. Great pop this. We presume that they’re not confessing to liking the band U2, or maybe they are. Bit of a long winded way of going about it though, we reckon

Jamaica – ‘I Think I Like U 2’

Your Nature – are from Brooklyn New York, which obviously makes them cool by default. They make suprisingly English sounding music for a band of Yanks. It’s a little bit shoegaze with, dare I say it, what sounds suspiciously like some  Big Country thrown in. Or is the Stone Temple Pilots…I dunno. If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that when it comes to describing the music I post I’m a bit shit

Your Nature –‘ Sands’

The other two tunes I’m throwing in aren’t on Kitsune 9 at all. I just like them

Big Bang Breaks – ‘B Boys & Fly Girls’

Phantogram – ‘When Im Small’