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+Download+ Shindu – Just Go (Jerry Bouthier Dub Edit)

Jerry Bouthier offers up a free download of Belgian duo Shindu’s new tune ‘Just Go’, released on 5th November, through Bouthier’s own Continental Records. Get it HERE

Shindu – Just Go (Jerry Bouthier Dub Edit)

The EP itself is good enough, even if the original mix is a touch uninspiring. Bouthier’s own dub version only loses by a really small nose to the excellent remix from Canada’s Cyclist.

Shindu – Happy House EP

I heard the riff to this tune the other day in The Weeknd’s ‘House of Balloons’ and to my shame I couldn’t think what the hell it was. I mean it’s one of my favourite Siouxsie and the Banshees tracks and my mind was a gaping blank.

Imagine my surprise then, when I heard this version of Happy House by Belgian trio Shindu. This version is a beach party by comparison, keeping the riff, but replacing the guitar of the original with a steel drum, shaking its bikini clad ass down the shoreline. Despite the party atmosphere though, the lyrics retain the ‘sarcastic’ tones of Siouxsie’s vocal. We’re singing about happy things, but we’re not really very happy at all. We’re all quite sane!

Shindu – Happy House EP Minimix

Happy House was produced by Moonlight Matters aka Sebastiaan Vandevoorde and the EP has remixes from Herr Styler, JBAG, Midnight Savari, Polydor and Martians.

Shindu – Happy House (Herr Styler Remix)

Happy House EP is available to buy on Kitsune on June 27th