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Radio Soulwax On Vimeo

This is the recent Radio Soulwax trailer, filmed by Saam Farahmand, that the Dewaele brothers say encapsulates the spirit of the project and the ‘audio visual obsession’ of Radio Soulwax. They’ve got themselves a Vimeo channel, so get over there and subscribe. Treats.

To start with here’s an hour long Radio Soulwax mix where –

We show our love for Brazil and all its musical forms over various decades here in this mix. It’s a place that has always inspired us musically but also where you can lose yourself record shopping. Which we did, on many different trips, and found the most incredible gems with the help of some of our brazilian friends.


Welcome To The New

With a little bit of old

I know I was banging on, in my last post, about ‘the future’ and not dwelling on the past, but really that’s all just a big blag to get me out of a round up of the year list.

So we’ll start this 2011 with a blast from 2005 (or the year when music was Ace, with a big A) and some Soulwax. And why the hell not?

Late Of The Pier – Best In The Class (Soulwax Remix)

Watching this video makes me realise that I’ve been out with some ugly women in my time, some had beards.

Also what are they saying, from 0.36 onwards, ’cause it sounds like ‘you c**t’ to me.

Available from Rough Trade here


This is funking class –

Maximum Balloon (feat Theophilus London)-Groove Me (Jneiro Jarel Rmx)