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Happy Birthday THaF Records!

We first featured THaF Records in October last year and tomorrow they’re celebrating their first birthday (ish). In the last year they’ve introduced us to some great electro tuneage, by the likes of JSK, Bullwack, The Hats, Footjam, Silent H!, Jackiroqs and Mike Hindle. To celebrate they’ve put together’ Movement’, a twenty two track compilation of unreleased THaF tracks.

BoЯRoBeats has put together a minimix to give a taste of what you can expect from the release and you can download it below.

Movement – One Year Anniversary Compilation minimix

Also you should have a browse at THaF Records store.There’s some top stuff on there,  spend a bit of money. Go on – ah go on…

Compilation tracklist in the comments.

THaF Records Big Friggin’ Give Away

THaF Records are celebrating their 20th release with a twenty track give away that will blow your lil mind. It’s very simple, you log in to your Facebook and click like on the THaF Records page. Easy. For your time and support you’ll be able to download tracks from Bullwack, The Hats, Silent H! Whitenoise, Mike Hindle, Jackiroqs and a whole load more. If you already like them, you can find the download link on the left hand side of their page. All in all you’re getting 200 megabytes of class tunes, for a button click. It’s a great introduction to one of the best dance music labels around.

Jackiroqs ‘There Is No Face’ is the track that’s hit the magic twenty and unleashed this wave of philanthropy.

Described by THaF themselves as Thrash Electro, ‘There Is No Face’ is a pulsing, driven electro weapon, the EP featuring seven solid remixes from the likes of The Hats,  Janski Beeats and upcoming US producer Kill Paris. Of the remixes on offer, Kill Paris’s emotional interpretation, with its dubstep section is my pick of the bunch.

You can get the full EP on Beatport now

Get yourself over to THaF’s Facebook page and get the twenty tracks


Remix Competion – THaF Records

The Metalectro blog and THaF Records are joining forces and present you the very first remix competition hosted by the Metalectro blog! Here you can listen to the original track as well as find and download the stems for “Ghost House Beats” by The Hats. To submit, share your remix to this Soundcloud Group!

Don’t forget to read below and follow these 3 simple rules:

1. Make sure you also include a contact email in the track description so we can get in touch with you!
2. Please title the track in this format: The Hats – Ghost House Beats (YourName Remix)
3. Please don’t make the tracks downloadable until the competition is over!

The stems can be found in the Soundcloud Group or here:

You can also download the stems directly from http://thafrecords.com/GHB/GhostHouseBeatsParts.rar

The winner will be released on Beatport by THaF Records in the “Ghost House Beats” EP (along side remixes by Snob Electro Sounds and  Comic Strips) and win a £50 Beatport voucher!!! The two runner ups (2nd and 3rd place) will win a limited edition mp3 CD of all the THaF Records releases so far.

In addition to these prizes all three will be featured on the THaF Records site and on the Metalectro blog, as well as get interviewed by the Metalectro blog. Also, the three winning remixes will get featured in the three Metalectro MixTapes that will follow the end of this competition.

The deadline for track submission is the 20th of April! The results will be posted on both the THaF Records site (http://thafrecords.com) and Metalectro blog (http://www.metalectro-music.com)…

Here’s the original mix of The Hats “Ghost House Beats”!

Remixers, you may now begin!!!

Good luck and happy remixing!!!


Some new remixes from The Hats who I featured awhile back. Once again they offer up some straight driving electro bastards, designed solely to test the bass capabilities of speakers and headphones everywhere (thankfully the Senn’s just about survived, although my ears were pretty fucked for an hour or so after). More of this kind of stuff please.

Silent H! – The Computer (The Hats Remix)

Jackiroqs – There Is No Face (The Hats Remix)

Phat Stack – D – Cup (The Hats Remix)

Out on Arcade Pony in March

Also if you’re about on Saturday night you can check out a guest mix Ian from The Hats has done for Bass Demons on Fnoob Underground.


Tasty re-edit from No Sell Out next. I’ve got to be honest, I don’t really know what the difference is between a remix and a re-edit. Is a re-edit where you do less with the original than a remix? Just sort of move stuff about a bit? Change the pitch? Probably the sort of thing I should know writing a music blog, really. Oh well. This is rather good, so I don’t care that much. At all…

Crystal Castles – Vanished (No Sell Out Re-Edit)



Two Big Dogs

Two relatively new kids on the block to liven up this lazy Sunday afternoon.

First up are The Hats, from Jersey, signed up to THaF Records. They make the sort of electro house that hits me in all the right places. It goes where it’s meant to and does the trick nicely. To be honest I miss these sort of beats. Electro is swiftly becoming synonimous with ‘shit’ and it’s nice to have something decent dropping for once.

The Press Play EP is out now. Also have a listen to The Hats rather nice remix of Lipps Inc’s ‘Funky Town’.

Next is Clouds who hail from over the border in Scotland and are attached to Fake Blood’s new label, Blood Music. They released Liquid as a single last month (buy it here) it also inclouded Mauful Sir, which you can listen to below

Clouds – Mauful Sir

Proxy  – 8000 (Clouds Remix)


The Subs new mix is out and here it is – really glad they’ve included the Siriusimo track – topper