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+Download+ Scion A/V presents Tommie Sunshine – Growth EP


The thing that surprised me most about this EP  from Tommie Sunshine was not the great selection of collaborators on offer (man has Contacts), but the news that this is the first EP that he’s ever released. I know him for his edits, mash ups, his production work with Figure and remixes for Katy Perry, Fall Out Boy et al, but it never occurred to me that this was his first release with more than one track on it.

It’s a great first effort too, utilising a large chunk of musical history and knowledge to create five dance floor fillers, each of them slotting nicely into the burgeoning EDM scene that Sunshine champions. Stand out track for me is ‘Free’ alongside German producer TAI, with a lovely line in 303.

You can download the EP for an email address HERE


+Download+ Tommie Sunshine @ Rauw New Acid! 9 June 2012



Tommie Sunshine @Rauw New Acid 09/06/2012

1) ZZT – Work
2) The Loops Of Fury – I Need Love [Horsepower Remix]
3) Rebecca & Fiona – Dance [The Loops Of Fury Remix]
4) Zebra Katz, Njena Reddd Foxxx & Nicky Romero – Generation Bitch [Fries & Shine Bootleg]
5) Tommie Sunshine – The Dominating Force Is Sound
6) Bart B More – Jack
7) Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Drop Acid
8) Horsepower – Let’s Do It
9) Horsepower & DJ Pierre – I Got The Feeling
10) Sean Paul – She Doesn’t Mind [Horsepower Remix]

+Listen+ Matchbox Twenty – She’s So Mean (Tommie Sunshine Radio Edit)

Tommie Sunshine has been working with Disco Fries a lot lately and I’ve sort of missed his own edits and remixes. Glad to say he’s back now with this bouncing party time rework of Matchbox Twenty’s ‘She’s So Mean’. Great stuff.

Matchbox Twenty – She’s So Mean (Tommie Sunshine Radio Edit)

Recently Tommie played the rooftop of the Kimberley Hotel in NYC. You can grab a download of his set below. Some proper tunes in here.

Tommie Sunshine Sirius XM Studio Rebroadcast of the Kimberley Hotel Rooftop 05/08/2012

In No Particular Order

Always avoided lists, but this year I’ve decided to feature twenty of my favourite tunes from 2011. All that’s required is that they were released this year and I found myself going to back to them again and again. It’s a strange mix, but then there’s no accounting for taste. As the title suggests, the tracks listed aren’t in any particular order, just as I remember them.

I’ll see you in the New Year x



The Weeknd – House Of Balloons


Switch Ft Andre Martin – I Still Love You


Jane’s Addiction – Irresistible Force


Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Bodywork


Fatboy Slim Vs Moguai – Ya Mama (Push The Tempo)


Patterns – Induction


Cicada – The Things You Say (Mr Miyagi Remix)


The Whip – Secret Weapon (Alex Metric Remix)



Breton – The Commission


The Joy Formidable – Whirring (Innerpartysystem Remix)



120 Days – Osaka



Marlene Shaw – California Soul (A.Skillz remix)



Justice – Civilization



M83.Ft Zola Jesus – Intro


Tears For Fears/Audionite – Kling Klong Shout (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Bootleg)

To be honest there are probably two or three mash-ups in the history of time that I enjoy. Four, now if you count Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries blending of Tears For Fears ‘Shout’ and Audionite’s ‘Kling Klong’. Tommie has been dropping this on his tour over the summer and the reaction has been phenomenal. You can’t really fail can you – mix a banger with something people recognise and, best of all, can scream along to and you’re winning.

Grab a download of it now

Tears For Fires/Audinite – Kling Klong Shout (Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Remix) MP3

Links –

Tommie Sunshine Twitter

Tommie Sunshine Soundcloud

Audionite Twitter

Audionite Soundcloud

JSK feat.Dances With White Girls – Shake That Thing

Always a good moment in a blogger’s life, when two people you’ve followed and posted get together for the good of mankind.

In this case we have JSK, with his bass heavy, ground levelling electro and Tommie Sunshine’s new Brooklyn Fire label, whose twain’s are meeting for the release of  ‘Shake That Thing’.

The fourth issue from BF is a characteristically loopy JSK offering, featuring Dances With White Girls. Only a preview on offer at the moment, but we’re straight in there, with a crazy build up that eventually plummets down into a groaning level of bass badness that will once again test any sub your speakers or cans have left unprotected.

JSK – Shake That Thing

Mixed by BNRs own Jan Driver, JSK admits that ‘Shake That Thing’ is ‘really THE biggest track of my music collection’ and we couldn’t really argue. Expect a release sometime mid August

Also check out JSKs remix of Sawgood – Not So Funny

Sawgood – Not So Funny (JSK Remix)


Image by AZRainman via Freaking News

It’s Fathers Day, so Daddy’s allowed to post.

Tommie Sunshine has a new tune out, on Ultra Records, released July 5th.  ‘Tonight’s The Night’ is a harder, more aggressive affair than usual from Mr Sunshine, which maybe thanks to the influence of Bart B More and Jan Driver, who produced and mastered the track. It definitely has that Boys Noize feel to it and we love that a lot.  It features the vocals of Tiffany Roth, of  Midnight Magic, who has a proper disco diva range, illustrated brilliantly on MM’s own ‘Beam Me Up’, from last year.

We’ve only got a taster to post for now, unfortunately, but if you press repeat a few times, it’ll be like you’ve got the whole track!

Tommie Sunshine – Tonight’s The Night (Preview)

Tommie is producing and releasing music quicker than his hair grows this year and that’s pretty damn quick, so we’ll move on to a new release on Brooklyn Fire, before something else comes out.

‘Bangtuk’ by Fuser is a Dutch house leveller, with a rich seam of old school rave running through it. Think 1991, think Quadrophonia, Ellis Dee and you’re in the vicinity. It’s going to appeal to the techno heads and the old timers in equal parts and it’s getting heavy support from Tiesto, Bart b More and Laidback Luke. This will be the third release on Brooklyn Fire and you can get you hands on it June 28th.

Fuser – Bangtuk