+Download+ Greg Wilsons Early 80’s Floorfillers.

greg wilsonProducer/DJ Greg Wilson is releasing a monthly podcast, highlighting the biggest tunes on the scene in 1983, thirty years on from when he used to play them out. You’d have heard this at Wigan Pier, The Exit and Legend in Manchester, probably whilst wearing especially tight crotched trousers.

Heavy on the 808 these tunes were a massive influence on pioneers like Arthur Baker and Shep Pettibone, going on to kick start the Detroit techno scene. The podcasts feature artists like David Joseph, Class Action, Pure Energy, Jazzy Dee and Kashif and with each running at over one hour, blessed with Greg Wilson’s dulcet tones, they’re an absolute must. Music ed.



0227-twitter-kenya-election_full_600Went on Twitter the other day to see these dread words  – ‘Your account (@SqueakySneaker) is currently suspended. For more information, please visit Suspended Accounts’.

My first reaction was ‘what the fuck? What did I do?’ and that initial reaction still persists, forty eight frustrating hours later. I’m still suspended and I still haven’t got a clue as to what I did to get suspended in the first place.

I clicked on the Suspended Accounts link and was asked to fill in a suspension appeal ticket. Filled out the required fields and submitted the ticket. I waited. About three hours later I got a response from Twitter telling me that their automated spam detectors had mistaken me for a spam account and suspended my account. The Zen Desk message assured me that my account had been reactivated and the suspension had been lifted. Yahoo!

Except when I signed back in, my account was still suspended, no followers, no following and all tweets in my timeline had gone. I phoned a mate and asked him to check my account and he confirmed that the account was showing suspended. I’d disappeared from his lists of followers. Gone entirely. No trace of me was left.

Back to the Suspended Account link, to submit another ticket. I’d Googled about a bit by this point and people were suggesting that 3 appeal tickets was the acceptable limit and to make your message to Twitter polite, in case you ‘pissed them off’. Fair enough, i thought at first, no harm in being polite.

I thought about it again, about twenty four hours later. There had been no response to my second ticket and the fact that I couldn’t get on Twitter was starting to bother me. Understand that my initial addiction to Twitter has faded somewhat, since I first joined four years ago, but I still like to get on there a couple of times a day, to see what’s going on. I post directly from this blog to my timeline and I’ve managed to build a relationship with some bands, DJs and promoters on there. Twitter is, sad as it may seem, quite an important part of what I do. Now all that’s potentially ruined, because of Twitters algorithms and their indiscriminate suspension policy. Not to mention their shit customer service.

I understand that there are a lot of people on Twitter, it must be an absolute bitch to run. Spam is a massive problem on there and I appreciate the sites admins efforts to eliminate it. But I’m not the only person who has had their account suspended for no reason. In my Google travels I found hundreds of people that had experienced the same thing. The over riding sentiment seemed to be ‘fair enough, these things happen’ followed a period of time later by a more frank ‘yeah this happened, but why the fuck have you still not done anything about it?’ The frustration at submitting ticket after ticket, for weeks, with the same automated response, or no response at all, was quite literally driving some people to CAPS MADNESS. Some accounts were never reactivated, which I’ve got to admit worries the hell out of me and the feeling seemed to be there’s nothing you can do about it. Twitter is free after all, what do you want, compensation?

Twitter is a free service, they owe us nothing, but I can’t think of any other service, anywhere, that can randomly withdraw that service, with no explanation and no proper way to appeal and complain. If you don’t word your appeal request right, or submit too many tickets you may ‘piss them off’ and not get the account profile you’ve worked for a long time to build back at all. You type ‘complain about Twitter’ into your search engine and you will find zero relevant results. You don’t do it. There is no way to complain about Twitter, except maybe on Twitter. You submit another ticket and you sit and wait. Good luck. You could be waiting a long time. Weird way to run a fucking business.

Primal Scream – It’s Alright, It’s Ok

If you’d like to start a campaign to get me reinstated on Twitter, tweet @support and tell them to stop mucking about.


+Watch+ Dog Is Dead – Do The Right Thing

Dog is dead are releasing ‘Teenage Daughter/Do The Right Thing’ as a limited edition, numbered 7″ single for Record Store day on April 20th. Lead singer Rob says –

It would be a shame for these two singles to only be available as faceless downloads with no art or collectability, so we’re really excited to give people the chance to get a very limited physical copy of two of our favourite songs off our debut album for Record Store Day.’

After supporting TDCC across Europe the band are kicking off their own UK tour in mid April. Tickets are still available, but you better get moving on them. Dates below –

18-Apr                                  Norwich                                 Arts Centre
19-Apr                                  Stoke                                       Sugarmill
20-Apr                                  Hull                                           Fruit
21-Apr                                  Manchester                          Sound Control
22-Apr                                  Glasgow                                 King Tuts
24-Apr                                  London                                   Koko
25-Apr                                  Oxford                                    Academy 2
26-Apr                                  Gloucester                            Guildhall
27-Apr                                  Preston                                  53 Degrees
29-Apr                                  Portsmouth                          Wedgewood Rooms
30-Apr                                  Cardiff                                     The Globe
01-May                                 Coventry                                Kasbah
02-May                                 Sheffield                                Queens Social
03-May                                 Nottingham                          Rock City

Buy tickets here