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D’s Lounge – The Black Ghosts – Anyway You Choose (Fake Blood remix)


I think around 2008 there was an internet hunt to find out who Fake Blood was. Loads of names were thrown about and for a time it did seem to totally compel anyone that gave half a fuck. It was Theo Keating, if you hadn’t heard. He was releasing some great work around ’08, under the FB moniker with remixes of Little Boots, The Kills and, as it transpired his own band The Black Ghosts. I’m not sure if he was the only one sneaking his name into his remixes, but he certainly did it the best.

The Black Ghosts – ‘Anyway You Choose To Get It‘ (Fake Blood remix) MP3

+Listen+ The Black Ghosts – Forgetfulness

DCIM100GOPROI was listening to some old Black Ghosts stuff the other day and wondering what had happened to them, since the release of their last album When Animals Stare back in 2011. As is the way with these things, the new single ‘Forgetfulness’ popped up on Southern Fried to answer my question. Featuring remixes from one half of the duo Fake Blood and Sona Vabos, it’s out now to buy.

Fake Blood – Deep Red EP

Fake Blood has posted a preview of his new EP up, to get us in the mood for its mid September release. All three tracks on Deep Red are featured and once again, not a single ballad in there!. Instead what you get is a trio of naughty head bangers, with Medieval and it’s twisted Game Boy opening, still the pick of the bunch for me. Look out for it next month on Cheap Thrills/Blood Music.



Two Big Dogs

Two relatively new kids on the block to liven up this lazy Sunday afternoon.

First up are The Hats, from Jersey, signed up to THaF Records. They make the sort of electro house that hits me in all the right places. It goes where it’s meant to and does the trick nicely. To be honest I miss these sort of beats. Electro is swiftly becoming synonimous with ‘shit’ and it’s nice to have something decent dropping for once.

The Press Play EP is out now. Also have a listen to The Hats rather nice remix of Lipps Inc’s ‘Funky Town’.

Next is Clouds who hail from over the border in Scotland and are attached to Fake Blood’s new label, Blood Music. They released Liquid as a single last month (buy it here) it also inclouded Mauful Sir, which you can listen to below

Clouds – Mauful Sir

Proxy  – 8000 (Clouds Remix)


The Subs new mix is out and here it is – really glad they’ve included the Siriusimo track – topper