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+Download+ Scion A/V presents Tommie Sunshine – Growth EP


The thing that surprised me most about this EP  from Tommie Sunshine was not the great selection of collaborators on offer (man has Contacts), but the news that this is the first EP that he’s ever released. I know him for his edits, mash ups, his production work with Figure and remixes for Katy Perry, Fall Out Boy et al, but it never occurred to me that this was his first release with more than one track on it.

It’s a great first effort too, utilising a large chunk of musical history and knowledge to create five dance floor fillers, each of them slotting nicely into the burgeoning EDM scene that Sunshine champions. Stand out track for me is ‘Free’ alongside German producer TAI, with a lovely line in 303.

You can download the EP for an email address HERE



Art by Swoon

Went to see the docs yesterday, hoping to rid myself of the annoying chest infection I’ve had since Spring. We had a chat, I told him my symptoms, he found out I smoked and his eyes glazed over. A bit like I’d just told him I was regularly fucking his wife.

Tai – Steroid (Modek Remix)

Anyway he told me that if I wanted to shift this bronchial infection I was going to have to give up the fags. I knew this anyway, it wasn’t really a revelation, but I got told once that ‘you can only really give up if you want to’ and that’s been the sticking point. I like smoking cigarettes.

Le Marchand de Sable – Acid Lake (John Lord Fonda Edit)

We went through methods of quitting, patches, gum etc and he told me that there were ‘trigger points’, when I would find myself wanting a ciggy more than I did at other times. He gave me examples, after a meal, at moments of stress, whilst drinking coffee, tea, beer, pretty much any kind of drink, after sex (he didn’t mention this one really), driving, walking, sitting down – he mentioned lots of occasions when I was going to struggle, but I sort of drifted off after a while, to be honest. One important example he failed to list was the over powering urge to smoke when I listen to certain dance tunes. I don’t know what it is about these tracks, maybe it’s a memory trigger of smoky nights out, but as soon as they kick in I get a very strong urge to light up.

Zach Matari – The New (Live City Remix)

I’ve smoked three writing this post. All the tracks featured are ‘smoking’ tunes (not in a 60’s hipster kind of way) and as such they should carry some sort of health warning. If I was writing DJ style blurb for a promo it would simply say ‘Made me smoke two cigarettes 9/10’. NB – you don’t have to actually smoke to enjoy the music. It’s a filthy habit, early grave, better if you never start etc

Vakkuum – Sonar (The Sneekers Remix)

TAI OMGITM Supermix September 2011


1. TAI & Felix Da Housecat – TAI Felix (unreleased)
2. Modek – By The Pool
3. Lützenkirchen – Daily Disco (d.i.m. & Boys Noize Remix)
4. Bart B More & Tommie Sunshine – Bodywork
5. Fake Blood – The Dozens
6. Mumbai Science – Lotus
7. The Loops Of Fury – Rack Em (Modek Remix)
8. Audionite – Kling Klong
9. Gesaffelstein – Aufstand
10. Modek – Goose Offender
11. Carte Blanche – Bronx Brooklyn Queens
12. A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God
13. Retro-Grade – Mindfighter (Boy 8 Bit Remix)
14. Alex Gopher – Invasion (Mumbai Science Remix)
15. High Powered Boys – Udon
16. Fuser – Bangtuk
17. Fake Blood – Voices
18. TAI – Omnicrack (on my next Dim Mak EP sooooon)
19. Lee Mortimer – The Apple Company Is Expanding
20. JSK feat. DWWG – Shake That Thing
21. Felix Cartal & Keatch – Solar
22. TAI & Bart B More ft. 2unlimited (unreleased)
23. ZZT – Vulkan Alarm (Jan Driver / Proxy Remix) TAI Edit



“A riot is the language of the unheard.”

A whole lot of shit going on at the moment, with some angry, disaffected people doing lots of damage to other peoples property. Politicians talking tough about stuff they have no comprehension of, people dying, buildings burning and underlying sociological problems that need to be addressed getting buried under divisive rhetoric and ill judged opinions.

Fuck it, lets have some music…

An eclectic characteristically mad mix from SebastiAn HERE

Banging hour long mix from Tai (but man, it ain’t Autumn!)

Autumn Mix by TAI

And my favourite remix of the minute from Alex Metric, which you can buy with your filthy capitalist dollar (other currencies are available)

Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Alex Metric Remix)


Jamie’s Getting Porky

Art by Ron English

Just a quick catch up with what’s going on in the SS enclosure as I laze about, on this piss wet Sunday afternoon. I’ve just got back from a potato fair and if you’ve never been to one (I’m guessing you haven’t) then, to be honest, you’re not missing a whole lot. Apart from lots of spuds and a mass of people who have an unusual obsession with them. My interest is fleeting, in that I grow and eat them, but I do admire enthusiasm, so I can’t help but love the whole funny, obscure crowd.

To the music.

Cosmic Kids – Reginalds Groove

Reginald’s Groove is a low key house affair, that would sound great at a pool party. Just as the sun goes down and things start to warm up a bit. The LA based duo will be releasing this as a debut on April 4th, through Throne of Blood, including remixes from Classixx and Juan Maclean.

It’s no secret that Squeaky Sneaker loves The Subs. They consistently release storming electro bombs that have me dancing round like an electrocuted scarecrow. I can’t think of one of their remixes or tracks that hasn’t been a stone killer. So you can imagine how excited I am to feature the first single off their upcoming album Decontrol, due for release on the 7th March. They’ve welded the whole single package together into a very palatable minimix, featuring, in order, remixes from Gtronic, Clouds, Style Of Eye, Ado’s Scratch And Snuff Mix, Ado’s NORP Mix, Tai and the Parametic Remix.

The Subs – The Face of the Planet Minimix

Finishing off this holy Sunday trinity is a cracking new remix from Run Riot. Here he reworks Dem Slackers ‘Swagger’ into a bass heavy juggernaut, smashing through the gloom to light up a dreary old day.

Dem Slackers – Swagger (Run Riot Remix)

If you’ve got a minute to spare, get over to Breakspoll and vote Tom Run Riot as best new producer.

Future Sounds

My car ran out of petrol yesterday, while I was driving the kids home from school. It was bound to  happen at some point, as I’m driving on the yellow warning light for at least two days a week. I’ve never once, in the ten years I’ve owned the Little Green Twat, filled it up completely. It helps the aerodynamics – or so I like to think (though a mechanic friend insists that driving while empty means there’s loads of shit in your fuel). Whatever, I was pushing my luck and it ran out yesterday.

One positive was that I had an hour with the kids, stuck in the middle of nowhere, with not a games console in sight. Spoiled only by my youngest needing to go for a crap (fields are great for this kind of thing, of course), we sat against the car and agreed that I’d picked a great spot to break down.

I asked my eldest what he wanted to be, if he could be anything in the world. It took him a while to mull this over, which gave me a chance to consider his options myself. It occured to me that, when I was young, my dad or someone had asked me the same question – ‘you can be anything you want’ they’d added. Back then I wanted to be in the army. I wanted to be a Royal Marine (right up to the point I saw real Royal Marines dieing in the Falklands, on the BBC). I didn’t really register the truth in what they were saying. I doubt they realised it either. But sitting there, thirty or so years later, I was aware that both my sons could really be what they wanted to be.They’re both relatively bright kids, confident and pretty determined when it comes to getting what they want. The world really is their ocean based mollusc. The possibilities are endless, as long as they avoid the things that tripped (slowed) their old man up – drink and drugs and generally having a good time of it.

The eldest wants to be a policeman, as it happens. That’s what he decided. So he can ‘give people a kick’ (his reasoning, not mine) and if that’s what he wants to be, then fair enough. I’ve got another son…

But the point of this post is…? Dunno for sure. It’s not about my regret, because I only have a few. It blew my mind, for a moment there, the mass of options available to my sons. They’ll both be brilliant, at what ever they do, but I think it’s the scale of potential that made me want to write this down. Similar to when you try to grasp the boundarys of the universe. It gives you a headache.

Drop The Lime – Sex Sax (TAI Remix)

Lissie – When Im Alone (Leo Zero Remix) Via Neon Gold

Fischerspooner – Infidels Of The World Unite (Trash Yourself Remix)

Straight Up

About a year ago I posted that I didn’t think Twitter would last, in its current format, longer than…a year. I could still be right, but it’s becoming increasingly unlikely.

I think the thing was that I just didn’t get Twitter, at all. I couldn’t see the appeal of reading 160 words status updates, from people I didn’t know. Even on Facebook I get bored of reading status updates and these people are meant to be my friends. As for me tweeting much, what the hell do you say? I still don’t really get my side of the deal, I don’t tweet a lot, but I do enjoy reading updates way more than I did.

You build up a strange disconnected relationship with people you follow. I’m following random people from all over the world, some of them famous, some not so. I get a view into their lives through their updates, that is fascinating and mundane at the same time. This guys playing with his grandkids, this one’s hanging out for a coffee, another’s off his face on mescal (my fave). I don’t know them, but I know about them. I feel quite protective over these people and when I start to follow someone new, it takes a while before I can get used to this new voice in the ‘conversation’.

There’s the quote Twits, with their 40k followers and the marketing trawlers and people that just post links to other places, which I think they may make money from, but haven’t worked out how they do it. Some I follow just because they may tweet something for the blog (they never say anything else that’s worth much), too many DJs moan, Tiga is a funny fucker, Kevin Smith is THE champion Twitterer, some famous people are genuinely nice, Kanye West is random but suprisingly self concious. If you get a reply from one of your heroes, it’s the best thing that’s going to happen to you that day, I promise you (thanks to Fake Blood and the always reliable Japanese Popstars for making my day). I know these people a lot better than I did last year anyway and there’s no harm in that. I’m not looking to go out for sushi with them or owt

I predict that Twitter might be around for a little while longer yet. For good or bad. I know that while I’m browsing, it’ll be open in the next tab anyway.

Right the purpose of this post is that suddenly bangers have appeared. Three great big ones.

Diplo & Don Diablo – Make You Pop (192k)

Love listening to Diplo, ’cause you know at some point this baby is going down looooooow.

Tai feat Steve Aoki – Paradise Poltergeist (Gtronic Remix)

This is an absolute dirty monster.

Boyz Noise – Yeah

Just a minute or so of preview at the moment, but wah, what a preview.

Also Goose are on Souncloud now, found out through Twitter, so there you go. If you go there you can hear a new tune (they won’t let me share it…)