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Happy Birthday THaF Records!

We first featured THaF Records in October last year and tomorrow they’re celebrating their first birthday (ish). In the last year they’ve introduced us to some great electro tuneage, by the likes of JSK, Bullwack, The Hats, Footjam, Silent H!, Jackiroqs and Mike Hindle. To celebrate they’ve put together’ Movement’, a twenty two track compilation of unreleased THaF tracks.

BoЯRoBeats has put together a minimix to give a taste of what you can expect from the release and you can download it below.

Movement – One Year Anniversary Compilation minimix

Also you should have a browse at THaF Records store.There’s some top stuff on there,  spend a bit of money. Go on – ah go on…

Compilation tracklist in the comments.

JSK vs Digital Baboons Mix Vol.1

Lunatic mix from JSK and Digital Baboons for download tonight. Bass heavy – play it loud. Enjoy!

JSK vs Digital Baboons Mix Vol 1



David Guetta – The Alphabeat (Original Mix)
JSK – Droppin feat. Rum Boys (Original Mix)
JSK – Shake That Thing feat. Dances With White Girls (Original Mix)
Modek – By The Pool (Original Mix)
Congorock – Liu Kang’s Theme
JSK – Once Again (Original Mix)

Digital Baboons

Ayoo – Clockwork (Original Mix)
Dynasty – Plancha (Original Mix)
Inside Out Boy – Dirty Throat (Original Mix)
Tebori – Ultimate Change (Tebori Mashup)
Mom & Dad – Judas (Dem Slackers Remix)
Baskerville – Leecher (Original Mix)
Wolfgang Gartner – 818 (Original Mix)

JSK feat.Dances With White Girls – Shake That Thing

Always a good moment in a blogger’s life, when two people you’ve followed and posted get together for the good of mankind.

In this case we have JSK, with his bass heavy, ground levelling electro and Tommie Sunshine’s new Brooklyn Fire label, whose twain’s are meeting for the release of  ‘Shake That Thing’.

The fourth issue from BF is a characteristically loopy JSK offering, featuring Dances With White Girls. Only a preview on offer at the moment, but we’re straight in there, with a crazy build up that eventually plummets down into a groaning level of bass badness that will once again test any sub your speakers or cans have left unprotected.

JSK – Shake That Thing

Mixed by BNRs own Jan Driver, JSK admits that ‘Shake That Thing’ is ‘really THE biggest track of my music collection’ and we couldn’t really argue. Expect a release sometime mid August

Also check out JSKs remix of Sawgood – Not So Funny

Sawgood – Not So Funny (JSK Remix)

THaF Records Big Friggin’ Give Away

THaF Records are celebrating their 20th release with a twenty track give away that will blow your lil mind. It’s very simple, you log in to your Facebook and click like on the THaF Records page. Easy. For your time and support you’ll be able to download tracks from Bullwack, The Hats, Silent H! Whitenoise, Mike Hindle, Jackiroqs and a whole load more. If you already like them, you can find the download link on the left hand side of their page. All in all you’re getting 200 megabytes of class tunes, for a button click. It’s a great introduction to one of the best dance music labels around.

Jackiroqs ‘There Is No Face’ is the track that’s hit the magic twenty and unleashed this wave of philanthropy.

Described by THaF themselves as Thrash Electro, ‘There Is No Face’ is a pulsing, driven electro weapon, the EP featuring seven solid remixes from the likes of The Hats,  Janski Beeats and upcoming US producer Kill Paris. Of the remixes on offer, Kill Paris’s emotional interpretation, with its dubstep section is my pick of the bunch.

You can get the full EP on Beatport now

Get yourself over to THaF’s Facebook page and get the twenty tracks


JSK – Act Of God

Loosely an act of God is something beyond ‘human control’ and it describes JSK’s new tune perfectly. There’s something about Dennis Josek’s music that sets him apart from the thousands of dance producers out there , so many great moments in what are essentially power driven bangers. At its simplest an act of God is an ‘event of divine intervention’ and you’ve got to hope he’s sitting up there, peering down and in his rumbling, mountain moving voice he’s telling us to ‘turn that shit UP!’

JSK – Act of God

JSK is also offering up his entire discography to date on his Soundcloud page. Which is pretty remarkable.

Act of God is released on 29th June of THaF Records


Art by Retna & The Mac

Couple of big tunes from two UK labels today.

I featured THaF records just the other day (check the tag), but they’re releasing stuff at a frantic rate at the moment, so they’re getting another mention. This new one from Germany’s JSK, released today has got some of the dirtiest bass I’ve ever heard. Get this going in your cans and your head will be humming within seconds. The search for the mythical ‘brown noise’ takes a step in the right direction. The ETC ETC remix of ‘Skankah’ has been featured on Kissy Sell Outs late night Radio One show and is getting love from one of the masters of bass himself Figure.

JSK – Skankah

You can get hold of Skankah here here and here. You can also check out more JSK on his Soundcloud


From JSK:

If you buy this track, provide a screenshot to dennisjosek@googlemail.com and you can chose two tracks from my Beatport page (originals or JSK remixes only), which I will then send you for free!


http://bit.ly/g4rmWy (BP)

Sounds like a deal to me – go, go, go

Next up, some tasty breaks from We Are Live records. Dansor hails from Holland and according to her bio, she’s ranged across a number of genres, tech house, minimal, electro, breaks and techno. The bottle stopped spinning on breaks with ‘Guitar Hero’ and very pleased I am about it. This is clever breaks, Dansor drawing from the range of styles mentioned earlier to compose a restrained, punchy track, that utilises sounds you don’t usually find in a ‘breaks tune’. It fits in perfectly with WALs promise that they will stretch the genre boundarys and feature artists from right across the dance spectrum. Top stuff. The package features remixes from What Now? Domino and SAS.

Buy it here

Dansor – Guitar Hero

As a bonus here’s the Run Riot remix for download. In which our hero keeps all the interesting stuff and hones it into a driving dance beast.

Dansor – Guitar Hero (Run Riot Remix)