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Run Riot – Everybody Needs A Bassline 2 Remix Competition

Run Riot and We Are Live records are laying down a challenge to you with a remix competition. I’ll let them explain –

We Are Live Records & Dizzyjam.com are giving all you budding DJs and producers out there the chance to remix RuN RiOT – Everybody Needs a Bassline2. RuN RiOT’s biggest track to date, it was named one of the Breaks tracks of 2010 by Kiss FM, hit top #10 in the Beatport Breaks chart and helped him to win Best New Producer at this years International Breakbeat Awards…
“Highly original powerslam of a track” 8/10 iDJ
“Everybody Nee…ds A Bassline2 is an epic acid fest” Far Too Loud
“Seriously my tune of the year right now. Fucking 47 different types of WOW” Daniella Downs (Dead Famous)
“Excellent anthem from RuN RiOT. PLAY IT LOUD!” trackitdown


3 WINNERS: 2 tracks chosen by RuN RiOT & We Are Live, and 1 track with the most amount of favourites

The winning remixes will be released on We Are Live as part of the ‘Everybody Needs a Bassline2 Remix EP’ at the end of the summer. The 3 winners will also receive a RuN RiOT t-shirt of their choice as supplied by Dizzyjam.com, where bands, DJs, venues, and events can make money by creating and selling their own merchandise.

All styles and genres will be considered and you may submit multiple remixes. Once you have finished your remix upload it to the Everybody Needs a Bassline2 Remix Competition Group – http://bit.ly/kqMtV5

The DEADLINE for remixes is 1st July 2011 – GOOD LUCK!!

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=215908148444158

Have a listen to the original, just down here:

Run Riot – Everybody Needs A Bassline2


Art by Swoon

Some breaks tonight, I think. First up is a new release on We Are Alive from Run Riot. He’s back to his breaksy best on this one, offering up two choice cuts for you edification. Both of these will give any dance floor, anywhere on the planet, in any solar system a good hammering. They make me wish I could DJ.

Run Riot – The Life/Rockin To The Massive

Out to buy on December 27th on We Are Live

Get it here

It was Tom Run Riot that put me onto Great Scott and I’m obviously eternally grateful to him for that. A bit like Run Riot, ‘Great’ Scott Novich isn’t getting tied up with genres, getting dumped in a pigeon hole. You’ll find him going all over the place with his production, dubstep, breaks, trip hop, even a bit of chill out. I don’t even know what jerk step is, but he does some and it’s good. I like that producers are stretching themselves and I think that this year has seen more of them doing it. Livens things up a bit.

Youthful Implants – Jah (Great Scott Jerkstep Remix)

Matthew Dunehoo – Don’t Kill Yourself (Great Scotts Get It Over With Remix)

Get over to Great Scott’s and Run Riot’s soundclouds and listen up

Figure – The Death of Joshua EP

Sometimes music is very visual. As you’re listening to it, it conjures up pictures in your head, takes you to another place.

With ‘Death of Joshua’ from Figure I’m on a rattling rollercoaster, at the bottom of a shaking ascent, rising impossibly, hearing the bolts and rails straining beneath rusting wheels. You reach the summit at about .57 secs, then it’s off down into a baseline descent, flinging you about and pummeling the sense out of you.

I love rollercoasters.

I’m sure this isn’t what Figure had in mind. I’m sure it was more about creating a monster drop to send dance floors nuts, but you know, musics all subjective. The EP out on We Are Live Records is dead good and you can get it here, here and here


The Subs are my second favourite Belgians. You can grab their latest mix below. Monster monster

The Subs – Vomit In Style DJ Set

MMM – Donna
The Subs – Vomit In Style -Les Petits Pilous Remix
Carte blanche – Gare Du Nord
Paul Chambers – Yeah Techno – Soulwax Remix
Partyharders VS The Subs – The Pope Of Dope shouts: “Je Suis Le Diable”
The Subs – Bang Bang Bang – Dub Mix
The Bloody Beetroots feat. Refused – New Noise (The Subs Can I Scream Edit)
Djedjotronic – Pepper
Shinichi Osawa – Bring Back That Noise feat. The Subs
Hey Today! – Talk To Me
The Subs – Vomit In Style Remixes Medley:
(In order of appearance)
-VNNR Remix
-Don Rimini Chi Town Remix
-Mixhel Remix
-Original Mix
Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough
Teki Latex – Dinausaurs With Guns (beats for Michael)
L-Vis 1990 – Compass
Proxy – Vibrate – Sound Of Stereo Remix
Green Velvet – Fake & Phoney
The Subs – Naked Jack
Partyharders VS The Subs – The Pope Of Dope shouts: “Je Suis Le Diable” again
Tres Demented – Demented (Or Just Crazy)