Oscar And The Wolf – Princes

Heard Oscar And The Wolf a few months back, liked them, but as they only had one track on Soundcloud and I couldn’t find anything else of theirs about, I filed them away into the prospect folder and forgot about them. This morning they re-emerged on the radar, they’ve had an album out since the end of last year and now I feel like I’ve been missing out.

Oscar And The Wolf have been around since 2010, Max Colombie, the bands lead singer, failed to make the selection for Belgium’s 2005 Eurovision entry, which is a shame for Belgium,  but probably not a life changer for Max. He’s moved on well enough and with the rest of the band produced a cracking debut album, packed out with chilled angelic tunes, such as ‘Strange Entity’ with its Fleetwood Mac like bassline and personal fave, ‘Princes’.

You can get the album on I-Tunes or get a physical copy from the band’s website HERE