No Lists

It’s that time of year again when everyone is compelled to write a best of list. Not here at Squeaky Sneaker where lists stink of order and we don’t like that stink. Haven’t got a lot of time for lists. I enjoy reading them on other peoples blogs, but the thought of preparing one for myself is horrible. As a poker player you want to be moving onto the next hand all the time, not looking back on what you threw away. Keep it future, keep it stupid. What I’ve liked this year is on the blog and anything I’ve missed I’m going to keep to myself. Retain some mystery.

Needless to say it’s been a year of  great music and not so great music. A year of highs and lows. I haven’t purchased enough things, seen enough movies or gone to enough gigs. I’ve drunk too much, smoked to much and eaten too much crap that’s not good for me. I’ve laughed, I haven’t cried once, I’ve got very angry with THE POWERS THAT BE and generally being governed by a bunch of cunts. I’ve enjoyed protests and anger flooding onto the streets and I hope that there’s more of it next year.

2011 will be better in everyway from 2010. Hope you have a great one and stay tuned


Shooting The Shit (Out Of Things)

Hunter S Thompson was my favourite writer. There’s a musicality to his writing that gripped me from the time I picked up his first book Hells Angels, when I was a Jack Kerouac obsessed teen. He was a nutter aswell, which also appealed, unashamedly consuming massive amounts of drink and drugs, shooting guns and getting himself into scrapes wherever he went. He was basically a dangerous man to have as your teen idol.

His journalism was possibly in large parts fabricated, who knows. It was gonzo, where the reporter became part, if not central to the story. If you can get yourself into one of his books, you’re in for the ride of your life, his observations, use of language, anti-authoritarian rants are pure poetry.

If you can find a good quality clip of his funeral, where Hunter’s ashes are launched skywards, by Johnny Depp no less, in a rocket packed with fireworks, watch it and admire a life well lived and sadly missed.


Art by Swoon

Some breaks tonight, I think. First up is a new release on We Are Alive from Run Riot. He’s back to his breaksy best on this one, offering up two choice cuts for you edification. Both of these will give any dance floor, anywhere on the planet, in any solar system a good hammering. They make me wish I could DJ.

Run Riot – The Life/Rockin To The Massive

Out to buy on December 27th on We Are Live

Get it here

It was Tom Run Riot that put me onto Great Scott and I’m obviously eternally grateful to him for that. A bit like Run Riot, ‘Great’ Scott Novich isn’t getting tied up with genres, getting dumped in a pigeon hole. You’ll find him going all over the place with his production, dubstep, breaks, trip hop, even a bit of chill out. I don’t even know what jerk step is, but he does some and it’s good. I like that producers are stretching themselves and I think that this year has seen more of them doing it. Livens things up a bit.

Youthful Implants – Jah (Great Scott Jerkstep Remix)

Matthew Dunehoo – Don’t Kill Yourself (Great Scotts Get It Over With Remix)

Get over to Great Scott’s and Run Riot’s soundclouds and listen up