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+Listen+ Alunageorge – Diver


Alunageorge have had a great 2012, culminating in them being voted number two (behind Haim) in the BBC’s prestigious Sound of 2013 list. For us this accolade provides a useful punctuation mark in our Alunageorge timeline. We first posted them back in September 2010, when you couldn’t even find a photo of them on  Google search and we’ve followed their mounting success with, to be honest, a big fuck off grin on our faces.  Check out how we mistook them for two girls, pissed them off and then internet stalked them in a desperate search for info HERE. Their debut album ‘Body Music’ is released in June.

Alunageorge – The Diver

To Be Continued…

Rustie ft. Alunageorge – After Light

Scottish producer Rustie’s album Glass Swords was released on Warp last year and everyone seems to agree that it was a pretty exceptional piece of innovative electronica. Following on from the success of the album, there’s a number of vocal versions surfacing. Firstly we had an extended version of ‘Surph’ that was released back in April, featuring the voice of Rustie’s missus Nightwave and now AlunaGeorge have jumped on board, with a a great rendering of After Light. Stream below

Rustie ft. AlunaGeorge – After Light

{Video} Alunageorge – We Are Chosen

In Manchester the other night at the new D’s Lounge (swish as hell, lovely rugs), all ready to record the debut podcast, when we realised that technology and drink and stuff do not make a good combination and after recording two hours of me looking into the webcam, whilst the ‘techs dashed about trying to make everything work, we gave up.

Within the format we’d decided on, I was going to play and talk about Alunageorge, a bit. I’ve posted them loads and am really excited to see what happens to them, now they’ve got a single out (get that here). Lots of words have been written about them since I first posted them, better words, placed in the right order and saying really nice things,  so keeping my words to a minimum here’s the video for the single.


Why aren’t more people all over Alunageorge? This is what I’ve been asking myself of late. Maybe I’m deluded, maybe my taste-o-meter is broken, but they sound like the best thing I’ve heard in an age.

One analogy I can use to describe Alunageorge’s sound to other people is to imagine a big stick of rock, that is POP and then imagine placing a small explosive charge in the stick of rock, which when detonated blows the stick of rock (POP, yeah?) to fuck. Shattered rock…POP. Shattered pop…

That is possibly the shittest analogy I’ve ever come up with, but I’ll stick with it. It’s better than the Aluna and George break into a nursery one I came up with the other day.

There’s a new tune out anyway, one of three they’re releasing over the next couple of weeks, leading up to their show at XOYO on January 27th.

Alunageorge – We Are Chosen

We Are Chosen is a dubby skitsy beauty of a tune, bringing all that disparate instrumentation together (like after a bomb blows up some rock, yeah?), underneath Aluna’s fantastic vocal. Sweet as…

The artwork is provided by Jaybird Illustration. Check out their blog here



Private Investigations

The man in the hat arrived at the Squeaky Sneaker offices as I was locking up for the night. He appeared behind me, making me swing round and adopt the ‘I Know Martial Arts’ stance I use when I’m terrified.

‘Jesus man, you scared the shit out of me’ I hissed, my eyes dropping down to check I wasn’t about to be stabbed by a crazed fan.

‘Alunageorge’ the man muttered, looking down the hall, as though he was expecting someone to appear.

‘What about them, err him, err whatever they are?’ That name again. Just when I thought I was over that obsession. The man in the hat produced a small brown package from his coat and handed it to me. It wasn’t ticking, so I took it.

‘Everything you need to know is in there’, he said, abruptly turning to go.

‘Everything?’ I said. I needed to know a lot and this was quite a small packet.

‘Except who George is…’

As soon as I heard the voice I knew I’d found Aluna.

So this has partly solved the riddle that’s been inexplicably bothering me for a month or so. Who the hell are Alunageorge?? Aluna appears to be Aluna Francis, who also is Francis Noon (Connie Francis ‘High Noon’) the singer with My Toys Like Me. The Boundary’s had/have a singer called Aluna, but I’m not sure what they sound like, ’cause none of their music was in the package. Aluna is probably a member of Miss Ill’s Allstars. That looks like her anyway in the video, sure sounds like her. The report (this isn’t real – it’s Google.) was clear that she’ll be performing with Ben Osbourne at The Noise of Art. Punks Jump Up and Stop Making Me are also on the bill. Worth checking out, I reckon, if you’re down that way.

Anyway – that’s Aluna. She’s definately in demand and with a voice like that who could doubt why. I realise that nobody else probably gives two shits about all this, but judging from the hits that have been coming in for Alunageorge lately, I think some of you will be interested. I’ve had fun finding this stuff out anyway, although I’m aware it may come across as a little creepy. I’m inquisitive, what can you do…At least now I can get on with my life and wait for more Alunageorge stuff to come out.

Now who the hell is George…?

EDIT: You can check out Alunageoge’s website here and if you’re around Notting Hill on the 25th November then try your best to catch their first live show at YOYO. Details on the site. Also have a listen to a new demo they’ve put up. Best so far I’m thinking

Alunageorge – Analyser