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+Watch+ Editors – The Weight

Editors previewed new track ‘The Sting’ the other week and I’ll admit on hearing it my hopes for the new album dropped somewhat. I’d been looking forward to new material, the first from the band in four years, but I really wasn’t feeling it at all, especially when it went all U2/Springsteen about half way through. Today we get a further taste of what to expect when album ‘The Weight of Your Love’ drops in July, with the video for another album track ‘The Weight’. The new track has a real Depeche Mode vibe to it and when Tom Smith sings that he’s promised himself not to sing about death, you’re glad that he’s broken the promise, because Editors do loss, death and desolation better than most. The new single (proper) ‘A Ton of Love’ is released on June 17th